Raul Sanllehi (Fuck Out!)

Copying the potential quadruple winners seems like a great idea to me!!

What has Zubi done to make you think that?

I like the building of a clear structure aspect of the move and the willingness to bring in the necessary personnel, even if it does have a Spanish flavour

I don’t know anything about Zubizarreta but I assume he has expertise?

I know how I feel about this.

I feel it’s bullshit.

They broke his jaw?!
Durk errrrr durrrrr?!

One of the all time great South Park episodes :arteta:


If Sean Dyche was Spanish, he’d sound a lot like Raul Sanllehi.


Recently saw both parts of this interview. Really informative tbh

The club clearly have their ear to the ground, they pretty much addressed some major question marks about the direction club.

Let’s see if we can have some smart management off the pitch moving forward, this is the first big off season.

Vinai and Raul for using to format to communicate with the fans, their responses seem more genuine and thoughtful compared to the AGMs statements


Laura Woods is :ok_hand:t3:

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I can’t believe, that’s his actual fucking voice :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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bUt We’Re StiLl LoSiNg PlAyErS fOr FrEe

Our Dick has been cut?

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Huss Fahmy would have a better name if he changed it to Fuss Hahmy

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#Threefids with the ammo :giroud2:


When Raul wants a player…


he sounds like a 54 year old called Bev that smokes way to much


Let’s hope he starts firing said ammunition soon. Preseason almost here. Surely, arsenal don’t want to start yet another season without addressing the gaping holes in the squad.

Let’s go Raul, let’s see what you can do…

I think my fears about Sanhelli look like they maybe confirmed.

So far he looks so incompetent that he’s the sort of guy who needs someone else to undo his zipper when he goes for a piss to stop him urinating down his trouser leg instead.


No good asking Wenger to do that for him.