Random Football teams that actually exist

I don’t know how well this thread will go, but I had this idea where it might be fun to uncover Football teams that you never realised existed that have an unusual name or orgins behind them. Might learn some weird stuff along the way :cristo:

So for example, to get the ball rolling. Two of my personal favourites and one of @Persona 's

FC Santa Claus from Finland :smiley:

One closer to home, a team who’s defence is more crumbly than their Chocolate, Cadbury Athletic


Daniel Sturridge played for them at youth level ha.

Interested to see what people come up with. Get exploring :wink:

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FC Santa Claus’ biggest fan checking in! :wink:

It was never going to be grown up or in the realms of decency, come on! :wink:

Special mention for BSC Young Boy’s whose stadium is/was called “Wankdorfstadion”


Full name is Insurance Management Bears FC

I win :wink:

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from Reddit, The Kanye one is great haha so is the 1st one

Botswana Meat Commission F.C.
Botswana Defence Force XI
Police XI
Township Rollers F.C.
Kanye Swallows (not a joke, there is a town called Kanye)
Killer Giants
Security Systems
Young Strikers
Peace Makers

It’s not amusing like yours, but I’ve always been rather tickled by the existence of a team called ‘Liverpool United’, I think they’re in Uruguay


Sealand National Football team. Unsurprisingly have not been accepted by FIFA or UEFA yet for not being officially recognised in the World :gunnersaurus:

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I read up about that Sealand place last year, I found it weirdly interesting and the other micro-nations that exist. The Principality could be yours for £600m. :wink:



My mates ironically follow this club from Zimbabwe

Well that’s one way of getting three points for your team :giroud: