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Those chips basically gave me an erection every time. I had such ridiculously high hopes for him


I really admire Carlos Vela. He’s always been totally honest. Remember reading an interview with him a few years back where he was straight up about the fact that he didn’t love football and that it was just a job for him. An interesting character and a big talent, I admire the fact that he maintained his individuality and prioritised his happiness and self above the desires of others looking to basically exploit his talent. One of those few top level footballers who would seem to have a head on his shoulders.


I remember Assou-Ekotto (IIRC) saying much the same, that he doesn’t love football but he happens to be really good at it so it’s a good job for him, but nothing more. Some gave him stick but I admired the honesty, fair play really.

Never knew that Vela felt the same way until I read the piece above.


While we’re at it, one of those players that exclusively scores golazos:


That last one was my favourite The way he gives the keeper the eyes :flushed:


Great, now I’m hiding my boner on the train. Thanks Abou


His lobs were the best


Only 11 goals ffs, where did it go wrong





They need a defender. I’m thinking Bitdefender.


“thanks Victor” :smirk:


I never realized transferring money between clubs was this causal. Surely banks handle this sort of thing!?






Oh love, Carlos Vela was my first footballing crush.
That lob against Wigan Athletic remains one of my favourite goals.


I disagree a bit.
I think he was just not serious about anything in his life rather than being disillusioned about the profession.

He wanted to play the game, earn well, party with hookers but doesn’t want to be discipline about his work, screw up passport work. He was banned from playing for national team and all.

World won’t always bend over to let have your Individual expression. You need to prove your worth to get that freedom.


He never asked to play in better clubs than he did…the world asked him to, because of the talent that they saw in him. That’s the point. He demonstrated his worth for the level he was interested in. Another thing would be if he were complaining about not having achieved more in his career, when that’s just not what he was interested in. As long as he’s doing his job at the level required, which he was, he can do what he likes, fuck me if I wouldn’t enjoy some lavish parties from time to time if I had his talent and the money it offered him.


This is a really interesting read.


He handles business where it matters. He educates a group of technically and athletically proficient footballers into being the best team they can ever be. All this fascination about media, press conferences, mind games, transfer rumours etc is a bollocks side show. He’s proven that the work is all that matters.


Is it me or there have been a severe lack of rounding up the keeper sorta finish?