Random Football Stuff


There aren’t enough facepalm gifs to describe how this thread has gone.


The guy driving and filming Carra



Pretty gobworthy.


Fuck, age 20



wow that sucks RIP :frowning:




Watched Stoke/Everton last night. What’s with the blue pitch markings? Over the top Hospitality?:slight_smile:


Snow/visibility issue I would assume


Watched Charlie Adam sliding on the snow and hitting Rooney. A completely justified red card, but I haven’t seen a English game in snowfall for years. Now it’s all under soil heating, scarves, gloves and all that crap. I honestly do miss waterlogged pitches, mud, the rock hard red ball etc. It’s like F1 nowadays. Admit it, everyone enjoys a nice crash once and a while, not cancelled games because of some dangerous snow.





Competition for Danny Welbeck for the worse dive in the history of football. Jean Meneses, who plays in Chile



Yes, Jadon! :mkhi:


Poor man’s Neymar :mustafi:






Having your picture taken with the Irn Bru mascot. I’m sure this is the best day of their lives.


You joke but it is




He looks like Caitlin/Bruce Jenner


Good read