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Weren’t we close to getting him?

He would have been the next big name after Wrighty if recall.

I went to Wembley for the Charity Shield match, the one where Seaman missed a penalty.

Roy was playing for the other team.

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More Roy Keane content. Howling at his response to Jill Scott




Completely random but Gary Neville really doesn’t give himself enough credit for his career. He was a very solid and dependable right back and had a very good career.

People tend to underrate him and see him as some bang average right back. I’ve seen him get mauled in comments for not being good but I reckon most people who think that have never seen him play


Yeah, just because someone turned out to be a bad pundit and has poor opinions should affect how one looks at his playing career. Was a pretty solid right back.


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Wikipedia literally has him listed as a dentist first :joy:

I dont understand why they didn’t just give it to John O’Shea on a permanent basis.

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New UEFA club ranking

Club Coefficients right?

How the fuck they work that out? Roma at 4 and West Ham above Arsenal???

To be fair, West Ham won a european trophy and reached europa league final in as many attempts.

So how far back to ranking points go then to end up with this table? And do you get more points if you are in a better European competition does domestic competition count?


Says here

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What the hell is this?!


Copa America winners vs Euros Winners

(I didn’t know this existed)

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Why do they keep making up pointless games :rofl::rofl:

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We finished second in consecutive seasons to the best team in Europe so how can we be so low on that list?

No wonder I never heard of this. There’s only been three entries in 40 years. (What?)

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