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Wouldn’t ‘Arabian’ work, or is that a bit generic for that part of the world?


For the Middle East?

Turkey and Iran aren’t Arab countries.


Oh so that’s not right? Yeah, sorry I’m just going off of what the actual people from that part of the world refer to eachother as. I work predominately with Syrians, Pallestenian, Afghans, Jordanians, Saudis ect. That’s how they refer to one another. Guess I should start telling them how wrong they are.


Why would an Arab person call another Arab an Arabic? I’ve never heard that in my life.


Afghans are not Arab.


“hey what’s up my fellow Arabic man”
“not much. I’m making a coffee, would you like one my Arabic friend?”

Yeah I’m calling bullshit on your workplace being full of people often referring to each other in that way, I reckon they probably just use names.




No that scenario you’ve dreamt up is exactly how it goes down. Uncanny how you’ve nailed that 🖒🖒


This whole started with you trying to correct a humorous post and getting it wrong, and it’s not got any better for you since. Just quit lol


Lol just confirming right now and maybe it’s not PC but yes I asked 3 different clients of mine and Arabic is definitely how they refer to a person from their own region.

Anyways, the Afghan thing is completely correct they aren’t considered Arabic from what I’ve gathered, I’ll admit being wrong to that.


They are Persian


You got in touch with three clients to ask them that question just now, all because of a discussion you were having on the internet? :rofl:


And I wasn’t wrong whatsoever. In my initial post I said Yusef was an Arabic name, and it 1,000% is exactly that.


Lol, nope I was in an account. A middle eastern market. I asked a bunch of the workers i know there. I mean after all if I’m using a word I’m not supposed to be using I’d like to know because I don’t want to offend anyone. They basically laughed and said nope it was completely fine, they use that and middle eastern to refer to people from that part of the world. Their opinion though so maybe it’s one of those SJW things where as a westerner you aren’t allowed to use the same terms.


I don’t think anyone in here was saying that it’s not PC, I think people are just talking about whether it is a factually accurate way of referring to people from that region.

Yes you were wrong in your post haha

The mum who made the Facebook post is from Britain, in Britain Yusef/Yusuf could be accurately described as an asian name.


So you are saying I was wrong because in one little corner of the world it could be interpreted a certain way? Lol, umm well in the rest of the world where words are used more accurately here is the proper origin.

So in actuality it was a lot more accurate to say my interpretation is correct, whereas maybe the people in your neck of the woods need to be a bit more educated on the subject?


This is boring a.f to read now.


You are such an idiot honestly.

All the people I’ve met called Yusuf (4 people, that’s “my neck of the woods” for you) were Pakistani. Everyone in my country, including all the Yusufs, would describe them as being Asian. It was 100% valid for her to use the term Asian, you were wrong to try to say she was speaking inaccurately.

This has to end. I’m done here.


Yes let’s just conveniently ignore the part where in the fucking definition of the actual word it’s defined as “Arabic”. Lol ok, it’s okay to admit you were wrong sometimes ya know, might be theraputic for you to try it.


Yusuf is a Muslim name.
I don’t think there is anything wrong in saying that it is an Arab name.

With regards to Arab & Arabic, the latter goes well as an adjective that’s why people tend to use it. Arabic name, Arabic people is easy to hear than Arab name or Arab people.