Random football stuff

Worst transfer triangle of all time?

Huge upgrade for Man Utd me thinks.

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Al nassr n ronaldos bank account the only winners

In other news the mrs was sat 20ft away from him at dinner tonight and didn’t go get her tit signed like I asked ffs.

“He prefers cities that are not as dependent on car travel.”

Fucking leftie!!

I would be surprised if Weghorst can match Ronaldo’s tally from last season

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A strong candidate for sure

I’ve never seen a good Indian football player. Wonder why that is given there’s plenty of Indians in the UK who obviously grew up on football.

Even at school they were never any good. And then playing in academy systems I don’t think I ever remember seeing one.

I think it’s just postcode lottery. I’ve seen plenty. Really good players. A lot of them do have a chip on their shoulder, though. That extra, final step does take humility and the patience of a saint. A lot of young Asian footballers don’t have that quality.


Incredible. What a moment for Darvel



Was this televised @Calum ?

On BBC Scotland yes.

Watched the end on my phone to see the reaction haha

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Nice one. Iplayer it tomorrow.

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TIL someone wore the number 123 in an actual match. That is phenomenal.


That’s fucking mental lol

Damn, I would definitely go to Turkey in my 40s