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The last bit: “did you ever find out what the root cause of your mother’s depression was?”
“I think as soon as she had me to be honest” :slightly_frowning_face:

The phrase “never judge a book by its cover” has seldom felt more apt.

I don’t want to be a cunt, but why?

I think Lingard is often an annoying prick, that doesn’t mean that I think he’s never faced hardships or had mental health struggles at any point in his life. Annoying pricks go through hard times too.

I feel some compassion for him on a human level hearing that, cos he’s merely a mild annoyance, not some evil bastard, but it doesn’t really make me reassess anything about him as a public figure.

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Can’t stand him. Jizz’s over Utd too much. De Gea could take a short goal kick and he’d cream himself.

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Drury clear

Conteoversial opinion, but I actually reckon Peter Drury is good at his job. Nobody ever wants to talk about that though.

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Controversial opinion - that commentatory was spoiled by the music

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Same, the music ruins it for me.

Riyadh All Stars v PSG friendly just started.
Messi v Ronaldo for the last time.

Messi has opened the score.

Nothing going right for Ronaldo eh?

It’s actually a nice match so far. Goal going up and down. Can see more goals.

I find it funny PSG are going full strength here but didn’t bother in their last Deliveroo league match.


You must really love football if you are watching this haha


Obviously. :rofl:

Ronaldo and Messi the best players on the pitch btw. I love it.

Luiz Gustavo btw not doing so bad himself. There were multiple times we were linked with him back in the Wenger era.

Ronaldo equalizes!

  • PSG get a man sent off,
  • They later score with Marquinhos from a beautiful cross from Mbappe
  • PSG win a penalty after VAR intervention, Neymae who won it takes it and misses, he actually asked Messi if he wanted to take it instead
  • Last minute of extra time Ronaldo equalizes again after his header hits the post, scores on the rebound

HT now.

My understanding is that Ronaldo will only play 45 minutes. Assume that’d be the case for the big guns of PSG too.


Check the advertising board when Ronaldo heads it. :rofl::rofl:

I saw this pop up on twitter. When, why, how did Puig end up in the MLS?!

I thought he was one of the next big talents at Barca??

I remember when I used to read a lot of Barcaforum - they absolutely hated him and thought he was just the worst. They constantly clowned him and called him useless at every opportunity.

I imagine he still had plenty to give in Europe but probably swapped the pressure of European football for MLS

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Damn, if only there was a way he could have known how reliant on car travel LA was before he moved there.

He prefers cities that are not as dependent on car travel.


Right?! Has he not seen Falling Down?