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Yep it is that bad; at a drop of hat a man can lose everything.


Yeah I agree. Many legal systems around the world promote systematic misogyny in divorce proceedings. That needs to be changed


Life hack: avoid marriage



Eh no the term is misandry.


I am actually contemplating it.

Nothing to do with my complete inability to charm women of course.


That isn’t usually the case, this seems particularly exceptional, which is what makes me wonder if there is more to the story than meets the eye.


Well, he had a few bob and she must have a shit hot lawyer from that firm Wee, Screwem & Howe.




Brave choice. Most of the players can’t live without social media these days.


Failing to see what’s brave about it. He doesn’t give a shit about social media, so he’s decided not to use it any more. Haven’t read the story but is there any more to it than that?


That if he was to live again he would not chose to be a prof football player. And when he was injured he lived a more “normal” life far away from being a celebrity (in the original article with some Colombian newspaper it says so anyway). He said that when he quits he’s gonna leave his old life behind and just concentrate on his family. Seems like he doesn’t need the spotlight like many other athletes still crave when they retire.


Always seemed to me like a player/human being with more to him than most footballers. One of the most underrated players of the generation and seems a relatively interesting guy besides.



There’s a Henry documentary on Sky Sports Prem channel atm


Dabbing is banned in Saudi Arabia. Who knew?! I think it should be banned here too tbh :sunglasses:


Wow a Saudi law I agree with, that’s a new one.


Saudi Arabia is a country with basically no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but I commend them for this move, maybe they’re turning a corner. I might holiday there :+1:


I’m sure the punishment will be well thought out and even handed. :roll_eyes:




Is it one time or recurring?