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oooohhhhhh heck he took a really hefty whack as SAF would say ‘that could have killed him’ i really hope he will be okay.

Not sure if you guys can see this or if you’re geoblocked but this is hilarious :rofl:

Norwegian league, game is just about over (in 90+4), white shirt team about to win 3-2 but a fight breaks out between the GK and a defender on the same team over who’s supposed to cover the post on the corner, defender shoves the GK who fakes injury and falls to the ground resulting in his own team mate getting a red card :joy:


There’s something very 90s-early 00s about this goal.


His first touch is sublime and speed of thought on the execution lovely.
Life outside the PL bubble does exist.


John one of many calling France Football out for this.
It’s been a joke for some years now.

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I’m sorry but your argument is already in the toilet if you’re mentioning Jorginho as a worthy winner.

Lewandowski has the strongest claim but his claim was stronger in 2020. 41 Bundesliga goals is 30 goals in La Liga or 28 goals in the Premier League.

If Benzema won the Euros for France, he would have been the best candidate. He didn’t, so it defaulted to Messi.

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Mbappe is a one of us. :syringe:

Klopp also questioning the decision. :rofl:

absolute farce. Jorginho won both the CL and the EUROs the same year and was impt for both teams, he won the most and the realest stuff. Lewa has been the deadliest striker in Europe for a couple of years, he should have it but if none of the two get it you know it’s garbage. This has nothing to do with Messi and Ronaldo, Ronaldo def. shouldn’t have it either.

But Messi? for a 3-0 goal in 90+ vs Ecuador? or a couple of goals against Bolivia who rank below United Arab Emirates on the world ranking? Naaa. Lewa robbed by cowards, diminishes the prestige of the trophy imo :vinai:

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My guess is dirty Qatari cash is awash at FranceFootball

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In which case, you would have expected Mbappe and Neymar to finish higher though no?

On Mbappe case, I could see this being a message to him for leaving PSG.

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he’s leaving for Real next summer, he has to be. I read somewhere they bid like… £150m for him or something but PSG refused and then Florentino cried about it or something lol

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Lol, yeah they bid some crazy amounts during the last week of the window but PSG were being pissy about it and rejected them all.
I believe they said Perez knew those bids were gonna be rejected but he did it anyway for optics.

yeah yeah why else talk about it in public :sweat_smile:

also, the irony when it comes from -Real Madrid- man numero uno who had no problem collecting “galácticos”… but now that there are a handful of oil teams who won’t sell their players at any price because they don’t need money whatsoever he cries about it in public :grin:




His laugh always cracks me up.


So do his opinions at times.


Englands women already 3-0 up against Latvia, after just 9 minutes…Could get nasty…

Yeah he doesn’t have the greatest punditry, actually it’s quite terrible. But I do like his personality. It’s very relatable.

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He’s a lovely guy. Top of the list for a party. He’s soccer Saturday material really.

Damn I completely forgot Vieira played for City for a season

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