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I really do question people who willingly move to countries like Saudi & Qatar.
I would be one of first to acknowledge that money is most important thing in life but moving to Saudi is just a big no for me.


Money isn’t the most important thing in life. That’s for sure. I’ve learnt that many times over.


Pff fine…Money makes it easy to achieve whatever you think is most important thing in life.


You’re talking like there won’t just be men behind those tapes/screens. I don’t see a huge difference tbh if someone like Fergie were to go on motd and call the video ref out. Pressure is pretty much the same no?


Difference is that happens after the fact.

Decisions already been made before they lose it. Ref also feels secure as he has other people and video evidence backing him up, so less likely to fold to pressure players like Keane may put him under.


I think the pressure just changes…“go to the video ref” becomes the call instead of “are you serious” or whatever.

I think video refs can work but I just think how the game is officiated needs to fundamentally change along with that.



Top 10 players at each position according to like 60 espn football analysts, what do you guys think? There’s one glaring omission I noticed…


My thoughts are someone who hasn’t saved a penalty in 3 years can’t be in the top 10 keepers in the world.


No Arsene Wenger in the top 10 managers :eyes:


I think Cech being in the top 10 keepers is slightly worse than Mkhitaryan making the top 10 attacking mids and no place for Ozil lol.


Pochettino, Lukaku, Rashford, Willian in top 10 lists :joy: I don’t think Wenger will lose much sleep over it


Yeah, Chamberlain is not in the top 10 LWB, fuck that list.


How can anyone take that seriously when Walcott isn’t on the list and Robben is?


Bellerin was #2 RB in the world? :mustafi:


#7 i thought.


Yeah it says his 2016 position was 2. Not sure which is worse, considering how mediocre he was last year :stuck_out_tongue:


Walcott is more deserving on a top 10 list than Willian tbh


No Özil and no Veratti, Ramos as #1 CB…fucking fail list. Cech shouldn’t be on there but Koscielny should be.


Not often I agree with you.


How does it feel to be on the correct side of the argument for once?