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Clattenburg has admitted he went into the Spurs Chelsea match at the back end of the 2015/2016 season with a “game plan”. I get his main point - that if he had sent Spurs’ players off, he would have got untold grief and the headlines would have been about him ending their title challenge.

But, in trying to not make it about himself, he has made it about himself by deciding that rather than do his job properly and referee to the law of the game, he’d rather have a peaceful tube ride home instead


Eh? what if Tottenham won the game in last few minutes? would that not lead to Clattenburg costing Leicester a title?

Completely unprofessional behaviour.


Typical Hollywood spray-tan Clattenburg. Grossly unprofessional to come out with that. If Spurs had got a last minute winner it could have put Leicester in jepordy.

Not only that, now he’s said this, all current refs are gonna be under the spotlight for similar mindset.


I don’t want to change to this debate again and I’m not saying it’s a silver bullet but I think this is another big plus for a video ref. If the responsibility comes away a bit from the individual they wouldn’t need to have this mindset. We can call out Clattenberg for this but I’m sure every ref has done it several times a season. We have a problem in this sport where incorrect refereeing really does decide results so I can totally see why it would be on their minds.


Can’t blame the ref if he would be under gross media pressure had he gave a red card.

What needs addressing also is the tinpot sports media that have some fascination with Tottenham.

Look how triggered they got over the Mesut tea sipping gif?

They are a shambles.


Give you a clue, the English media love Spurs because of Alli and especially Kane. The country’s best striker and best young prospect.

If Mesut and Alexis were both English, they’d love us too.


Journalists and experts etc loving Spurs isn’t unique for England. Seems to be a hip thing in the media world.


Nope. It’s gone back long before that. I think k it’s because many of their former players end up as shitty pundits giving their two bit opinion on everything.


More from Clattenburg. Confirming what many of us thought, that Man United often played with 12 men. Clattenburg is a complete toss bag!


With Keane, and Ferguson constantly intimidating the officials, as well as Rooney, Ferdinand, Neville, Giggs Scholes, etc constantly in the referee’s face, it’s no wonder Man U won as many titles as they did.

Every season there were games where Man U gained points from dodgy decisions, extra time being played, their players diving, Ferguson walking up the touch line showing the ref his watch, etc.

When you consider how many times Man U won the PL by just a few points, you realise how officials like Clattenburg, who is not exactly low on self esteem himself, were influenced by their bullying tactics.

Even the FA seemed wary of Ferguson, and TV interviewers were scared of him in case they asked the wrong type of question.

I wonder how many decisions have gone their way this season with the likeable Mourinho in charge?


Is Clattenburg getting retired or something?


He has probably got a book coming out.
I hope he has already retired because, if he hasn’t, there will be a lot of unhappy supporters, from several clubs, that will make his job more difficult than it already is.


Lol. Clattenburg quit England and took a career step by heading the Refereeing for the Saudi Arabian Football Federation at the beginning of the year.


With all of these revelations coming out, I think the PGMOL etc should be investigated because it is showing that refs were corrupt they were not doing what was right they are doing stuff that got them out of immediate pressure etc. These decisions have a huge bearing on the match and seasons in general. There could be clubs relegated because of accumulations of these type of calls or teams that unfairly miss out on the title or a CL spot and revenue because of this, this is totally wrong.


Not sure what an investigation would conclude/recommend tbh. Refs should be under less pressure but how could that be achieved? Fergies power wasn’t actually about him being on the touchline.


Does make you wonder though. Yes i know we deserved to lose our match against these grubby fuckstains but how can anyone tell me that at least 2 of penalty calls werent given. I mean that Danny Welbeck one fucking hell he was right over it and a fucking mental midget can tell it was a definite penalty. Even their own fucking fans admit it was a stonewaller how the fuck could you miss it the guy was fucking taken out right in front of the ref. No one can tell me that the ref and linesman both missed something the whole fucking ground saw. They are definitely corrupt bastards and in a way they are dictating where the title etc is going they are literally placing teams where they want them to be. or at least having a huge fucking hand in it.


Ah that figures


Can’t intimidate a robot. Or a video tape.

How much proof do we need of increased efficiency and better decisions before we implemet video refs??


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