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I just started reading an article that begins with

You’d have to try pretty hard not to like Paul Merson as a TV pundit

I did not read any further :smile:


Whatever works for you I suppose…



Its generally pretty disgusting how women in football are treated. Have to say this is just symbolic of the FA’s typically poor handling of race issues in the game. Reform is needed

That footage of the England players running over to the racist will age quite badly.

Full credit to Aluko. Never settle, fight :fist:t5:


Sorry, what does this mean?


After the racist storm erupted, an England female game was played… The players ran and celebrated with their manager in support of him against the allegations made towards him by Eni Aluko.

EDIT: I say allegations because at that point they were just that. I’m glad he was sacked having been found to have been racially abusive.


Phone typo. Meant to say racist*


Ahh thank for clearing up, you too @Persona

I wasnt being obtuse, had the players running over to Sampson been something I was aware of I’d have figured it out lol


Two superb tweets haha


Two questions:

  1. How does Iniesta still make it into the best XI?

  2. What the fuck is Alves wearing?


looool Alves


Not that I disagree at all because you’re right about iniesta but who would you put there instead? Casemiro is up there for me, maybe Jorginho, or on last seasons performance, Kante.


De Bruyne, Thiago, Dybala, Hazard, probably forgetting someone. Fucking Ramos in that team too :facepalm:


Yeah honestly I really didn’t watch much football the last ten or so months with working so much and literally no team I like being involved in any kind of decent season, so with that I just avoided most games of neutral teams as well including champions league. Worked during the final. De Bruyne is probably the pick of your suggestions there and yeah Ramos is just as weird actually, didn’t think about that! And also carvajal>>>>>>Dani alves.


Dunno, Dani Alves is still fantastic. I don’t really have a problem with him being chosen over Carvajal, though I agree Carvajal is a top RB.

edit: more Alves :joy: :joy: :joy:


His gf looks a bit strange and coming from someone who likes slim women. Almost like a tranny



That’s a whale of a player there. :flushed:


Fuck me what an ugly fat bitch


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