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I’ve never said that but I’m glad you got your like. :slight_smile:


You care far too much about likes.




Whats the right amount to care about them?



All I’m thinking when I see this is when Maud gets killed in The Simpsons.


Was literally about to post a comment I saw earlier on in a different Twitter thread about it :joy:


I thought I was being original. :santi:




Someone will die there at the WC.



:star_struck: still can’t get enough of Paredes, he’s the mian reason I’ve been watching & betting on Zenit this season, along with the likes of Kokorin, Driussi, Mammana & Kranevitter too speaking of the latter this little through ball he played a few weeks back vs Ufa was nice.


great player for my Roma FM team. Him and Gerson tearing shit up



He’s definitely not a fucking wheeler and dealer



I don’t remember him but I thought this was a good read.


The leagues for the UEFA Nations League were confirmed this morning. I’m obviously not the only one who read about it and thought, “What the fuck is that?” Apparently the games will replace international friendlies, which I guess is a good thing. England are in League A, which means we have a shot at winning this prestigious trophy :sunglasses:


I think they should have just made nine/ten team qualifying groups instead of this nonsense.


Read all that still don’t get it :joy:


This is a good change. It will make seeding understandable for your average pleb, rather than the black magic of the coefficients and friendlies etc.