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There was an interesting fact on Talk Sport, when Man U played Fulham 2003, it was the last time no substitutes were used in a PL game.


Carlton Palmer has been on one today

Best quotes include:

There are people out there who don’t think I should’ve been an England player. I watched a television programme describing the worst players selected for England and I was one.
A group of non-footballing ignoramuses — most of them comedians whose names I didn’t recognise — spent an hour talking about a game they didn’t understand and players they didn’t know.

And this story about alcohol making him a better player


Given that he has been a figure of ridicule for so many years the timing seems a bit weird, but I can’t say that I blame him, I’d want to defend myself if I got rinsed as publicly as he does. I think I saw the programme hes referring to and I’d definitely have a swipe at the no mark shit comedians who were taking the piss.


Another daily mail classic.



Exactly. Sterling even if he becomes world class, I can’t take that stupid run of his seriously.
I had similar problem with Robben for a while.


She didn’t even get a yellow…


Currently unconfirmed, but I’m seeing it being said that Eboue has got HIV.

Really hope that it isn’t true


Yeah I saw that too, devastating news :pensive:


Yeah, I saw this too. There is definitely something wrong with him, his agent confirmed that, but didn’t go into too much detail

Birinci confirmed the news on social media by writing: "Unfortunately it is true that we are facing some medical problems about Eboue but it is not right to make any comments at the moment.
“Tonight he will go to England and tomorrow will make the necessary medical check ups so we will know how serious it is.”
Birinci then provided Goal with further detail claiming they found “abnormal blood values.”
He added: “They found abnormal blood values so they didn’t issue the licence and we took the decision to send him to England to have medical check-ups there.”


HIV isn’t the death sentence it used to be, look at Magic Johnson he’s had HIV since like 1991. Still sucks but certain cancers would be much worse. Or ALS…thats the worst of them all imo.


I don’t think there’s much need to start listing things that are worse, its not really the point.


it actually is the case that hiv isn’t a particularly serious illness in the same way it used to be

treatment can’t make it basically dormant even to the point you don’t pass it on to your offspring and can have unprotected sex without passing it on


Kaner assuming you’re talking about the Barcelona trials, that’s only the case for 5 control patients from a study of 24, in terms of patients in whom hiv dropped to undetectable levels


If I am not mistaken, HIV diminishes your immune system so even if you are alive, it is constant struggle to avoid infections/illness.


To be such a reliable goal scorer is enough in itself, but Kane contributes much more. His hold-up play has improved year over year, and his ability to know where to place himself in relation to the ball and any defender scarcely fails him. He can link play with simple passing and bring other attackers into the game by dropping deep. He has also studied the more subtle arts of forward play; no received foul goes unclaimed, no penalty shout goes unheard, no attacking space is left unfilled. He is a complete forward who also happens to have elite scoring volume.


not if you take your pills.

Honestly, many medical professionals these days say they’d rather have diabetes. In fact, I’d say we are close to a cure/vaccine for it, I remember reading some stuff about that.

If you take your medication you will have a completely normal life and die of something else in all actuality.

Still terrible for Eboue, such a shame.


Arseblog absolutely nailed it this morning…

“I see people online, on this site, on social media, and I wonder why they bother. They don’t appear to ever get any happiness from it. When we win they complain we didn’t win well enough. When we lose it’s open season on everyone. They hate the players, they hate the manager, they hate the owner, they seem to hate football itself. Yet they continuously punish themselves, week after week, season after season.

Arsenal drives me mad at times, but in general it’s an overwhelmingly positive thing in my life. Not just because it’s my work, but because I’ve made friends, I’ve had opportunities I’d never have had without it, and even if I go to a game and we lose there’s a sense of community and shared experience (usually involving beer) that makes it better and defeat more bearable.

Again, I can only speak for myself, but I know I can find myself sucked into the rabbit hole of this football club and every now and again I have to remind myself – or I am reminded – to look up and look around me and remember that with all the shit that’s going on in the world, I have to find the good in the things I choose to spend my free time and money on. And it is a choice. We all make that decision, we go to the panto.”


Sham will pop his head in shortly to remind everyone that fans actually supporting the team are just as bad as those that moan about it 24/7.

Can’t wait for that little nugget of insight.