Random Arsenal articles

‘For more than a decade they were defined by the Emirates Stadium project, functioning more like a property development business than a football club.’

After this follows a article about all the new positions. Such as Technical Director, Sport science Director, Head of Football Relations, Head of Recruitment, Head of Academy, Head of coach and player Development, Loans Manager, Chief commercial managing Director, Head of Football, Head of Performance.

Soon we will have a Chief of Janitorial Recruitment and Head of Toilet Paper Development too. I can’t wait.


Spreadsheets over scoresheets everytime at the Emirates.

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Compare that with this shower of shit Phil McNumpty just trying to use any form or metaphor, hyperbole or alliteration he possibly can to put down Arsenal and Manchester United and, ironically, not saying anything intelligent or new in the process


It’s great that we’re on the right track, the infrastructure is all in place, the backroom staff are pulling in the same direction and the club have a self sustaining business model.

This is what we want to hear, except we’ve been hearing the same sort of rhetoric since we moved to the Emirates but all we’ve seen is us drop to mid table and in the worst shape we’ve been in.

I don’t want to hear anymore platitudes and how we are going to do things the Arsenal way.
I just want us challenging for the PL title.

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