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‘For more than a decade they were defined by the Emirates Stadium project, functioning more like a property development business than a football club.’

After this follows a article about all the new positions. Such as Technical Director, Sport science Director, Head of Football Relations, Head of Recruitment, Head of Academy, Head of coach and player Development, Loans Manager, Chief commercial managing Director, Head of Football, Head of Performance.

Soon we will have a Chief of Janitorial Recruitment and Head of Toilet Paper Development too. I can’t wait.


Spreadsheets over scoresheets everytime at the Emirates.

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Compare that with this shower of shit Phil McNumpty just trying to use any form or metaphor, hyperbole or alliteration he possibly can to put down Arsenal and Manchester United and, ironically, not saying anything intelligent or new in the process


It’s great that we’re on the right track, the infrastructure is all in place, the backroom staff are pulling in the same direction and the club have a self sustaining business model.

This is what we want to hear, except we’ve been hearing the same sort of rhetoric since we moved to the Emirates but all we’ve seen is us drop to mid table and in the worst shape we’ve been in.

I don’t want to hear anymore platitudes and how we are going to do things the Arsenal way.
I just want us challenging for the PL title.

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F365 think the season is done

Great article for #TheAthleticLads

It was Cagigao’s lead scout in Brazil, Everton Gushiken, who first brought Martinelli to his attention. There was enough that was intriguing about this player to overlook the fact he was currently with fourth-division Ituano. He had previously been on the books at Corinthians, scoring 73 goals in 139 games. What’s more, he’d already been invited for two trials at Manchester United. Arsenal explored the prospect of bringing him for a trial at London Colney but were beaten to the punch by Barcelona. Fortunately, the Spanish giants decided against signing him.

Cagigao made the decision to fly to Brazil and watch Martinelli compete in the flesh in the Copinha — the under-20 club competition in which a 15-year-old Neymar once starred for Santos. Martinelli was top scorer in the competition’s group stage. With competition for his signature hotting up, time was of the essence.

Cagigao convinced Sanllehi to negotiate an exclusivity option, granting Arsenal a four-week window after the player’s 18th birthday in which only they would be able to negotiate a permanent transfer. Meanwhile, Arsenal scouts Gushiken and Jonathan Vidalle ensured there was an Arsenal presence at every Ituano game. In-depth statistical analysis does not exist for a club as small as Ituano — this was a triumph of pure scouting. The final stage was a face-to-face meeting between Cagigao, the player and his father. Cagigao saw what Vela had lacked: humility, determination, ambition. His mind was made up.


and here I was thinking it was Edu’s work :papa: I guess he just walks around and looks good in a suit :santi:

In your face Ted Knutson!

Wonder if there is any truth to this, apparently Cagigao didnt want them at the club saying there were not good enough but he was ignored (mirror yes i know a its a shit source)

Yeah they’ve just ripped it from the athletic lol


Everything always rests on qualifying for the CL :sweat_smile:

Guys, we have all your wives and kids. If you want them back, you must qualify for the Champions League. :clown_face:


They mentioned the source in the piece:

And according to The Athletic Arsenal’s head of recruitment at the time, Francis Cagigao, told the club to swerve both players.

It was really the last few minutes of the transfer window so either they signed me with a bad back, or they didn’t sign anyone because there wasn’t any time left. That’s why they took a chance on me and in the end it worked out quite well.

Did it?

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Looking back, it was a spineless move. He was a bit of a cock(six)


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Kim Kallstrom | In my own words

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