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What a load of contrived nonsense :laughing:


I didn’t take it as him suggesting this kind of sentiment didn’t exist back then, just what the Twitter reaction might have looked like.

I know. My post was sarcastic but was backing your post. Social media didn’t exist but the media did.

No doubt if Bergkamp went scoreless in his opening 7 games Twitter would be ablaze with the “what a waste of money” takes too. Some things have changed and yet some things have stayed the same.

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I can totally feel for Jens.

To be replaced by a turd sure as hell can be aggravating.

Can’t say it was deserved too. I know he made some mistakes, I particularly remember a few, but having to watch that stinking pile of shit in between the sticks from the bench must have felt horrible.


Almunia never should have worn the shirt. With hindsight that was when Wenger first showed signs he was losing it.


Lehmann had started to decline and was rightly dropped. The fact that Arsenal persisted with Almunia as first choice goalkeeper for three seasons after that boggles the mind to this day.

Almunia was a great penalty stopper though. 14 penalties faced and 6 saved. 42.9%. According to football365, he’s the Premier Leagues number one penalty shot stopper.

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That would only be true if he was being dropped for a superior/equal player. Which isn’t what happened.

Lehmann’s game was starting to be punctuated by errors. First two games that season and he produce a series of guffs. Arsenal couldn’t keep playing him.

Do you keep playing a goalkeeper who is no longer good enough and is making basic goalkeeping errors, costing the team points or do you field a keeper that isn’t making errors but is also not good enough?

A new goalkeeper should have been bought but I think out of those two options, Almunia was the more ‘sensible’.

Those mistakes were overblown in my opinion and he proved himself a perfectly decent keeper even after he left us…but anyway I won’t derail anymore we see it differently and that’s fine. :slight_smile:


You’ve not been very complimentary of your people lately. Are you falling out of love with Football365?

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That guy is pulling info out of his ass and completely putting his spin on things. It could be right but he shouldn’t be presenting it as fact.

Stopped when Everton and West ham were mentioned .