Racism & Sexism (etc) discussion

What even is English football? Official club accounts? The world won’t notice they’re gone for 3 days.

If you want to do a boycott and pretend that you don’t need these platforms at least do 2 weeks or something ffs.

Hopefully players are included and all the twatty journos join in although I doubt they will give up their life blood.


These accounts are crap and won’t be missed during a boycott. If people want to target abuse, they’ll just do it on the player’s account as they usually do. Pointless exercise.


I see that due to this empty gesture there are no highlights of todays game up on YouTube. I imagine virtue signallers might say that’s the point. Just makes me want to find some other source of the content and feel good about circumventing this nonsense.


I don’t see the point in only circumventing social media for a weekend. Circumvent it until the social media platforms verify’s users identities or don’t bother with the empty shallow gesture.