'Project Big Picture'


Nice. Couldn’t read it because it was paywalled lol

All seem absolute top ideas tbf

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Is it? I’ve just read it all without having to log in or anything.

But anyway, it’s a bit rich of Liverpool to try and take the moral high ground given the way they treat their women’s team!

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Well that’s wierd :joy: it was when I first clicked it and made this thread.

Just clicked it again after what you said and could read it all?! :joy::joy:

The loan overhaul is fascinating. If you can have four at a single club we could wind up with official feeder clubs in the Championship. I do like the idea of scrapping the League Cup and the away ticket stuff is good even if I’m unlikely to take advantage of it (unless @Phoebica or @JakeyBoy are going to sponsor me, Maddie and my partner as refugees fleeing Trump).

I’m curious as to how this gets passed. Why would Leicester or Wolves vote away their control? They have ambitious owners and are unlikely to be in danger of relegation.


I don’t like the scrapping of the League Cup, but I think a club should be able to opt out of it if they wish to.

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It won’t. And I hope it doesn’t. I don’t want the biggest teams to have all the control. And even if everyone got a vote, two teams would have to vote away their status. The teams who float above the relegation zone would have two less spots to cling on to. And that will filter down, so two teams would lose their league status altogether.

But hey, If Liverpool and Man United are desperate for an 18 team league, then we can solve that problem by kicking them out.


Fair play to them. They’ve really tried to make their suggested proposals seem beneficial to everyone, but this is just a calculated long term play.

Do we really want to give more power to the big six?


Of course we don’t. Some of the suggestions are fine, but as a whole it’s actually a pretty disgusting proposal being disguised as “we want what is best for the game, promise.” This comes out the day after the PPV plan as well. I take it the Premier League’s PR manager is on holiday this week?!


That playoff idea is stupid


On one hand I think it’s fair to say Arsenal and Tottenham have a higher status when it comes to the long term administration of the league than Sheffield United and Bournemouth. But I’d worry that a vote requiring 6 of the top clubs to agree may lead to biases if it counted for things like the distribution of TV revenues, although if it’s only for the things listed it may be okay.

It’s easy to see these clubs as institutions but they’re not, they’re privately owned companies mostly with a single majority ownership model. So you’re not dealing with the opinions of Liverpool, United and Arsenal, the football clubs that have been in the Premier League for 30 years and in English football for 120 years, you’re dealing with the opinions of FSG, the Glazer family and the Kronke family.


Well the game isn’t sustainable the way it is now and it’s only being highlighted more by covid.
Like some ideas and it’s a bit more forward thinking than I expected on seeing the title.
Think the 18 team League makes sense, coming in line with the rest of Europe.
It’s the six teams running the game which is the biggest issue and one that would be the biggest concern going forward and probably not that far forward.
The way things are now though and no fans in the stadium theres owners and clubs who might see this as the only way too survive.
This is the contradiction that the PL puts us in as fans. As much as we give our voice for fairplay for all, we follow a team who benefit hugely from it.
We want big signings and the money comes from television and sponsorship. We get that by abandoning those beneath us. It’s a business and a club second. That’s just reality and like it or not where at the top of the tree by being self centred and uncaring too those below.
Theres no moral high ground too be taken on this.
Coupled with the EFL mismanagement covid with loss of revenue theres an inevitable change coming.


I’m all for more share to the lower league teams and I don’t mind the richer clubs loosing out. The biggest concern imo is the wages and transfer fees. + that just a few clubs would run the show. If there’s less money available, then the wages and fees would systematically be lower. An average player in the pl earning €50,000 per week is pretty sick tbh, not to mention the ones earning €400,000 per week.


Sounds like an attempt to use Covid to make a power grab.


So they want the Premier League to start later to put together a Premier League version of the ICC? Somehow I imagine this tournament will be played in the likes of China to massively boost income. Can’t put my finger on the precedent that already exists…

Ditto @sevchenko that playoff idea is dreadful, I already don’t like playoffs, a full year of a football club’s future being placed in a one-off match.


That plan makes fuck all sense. Just another excuse for already dominant PL clubs to make more money.

The sooner the monopoly is broken the better. The top 6 clubs will not make the fundamental changes needed for english football


I’m in total support of;

Scrapping the League Cup (no PL team that qualifies for European competition should compete in it in the instance that they don’t scrap it) and reducing the PL teams from 20 to 18.