Premier League: Winter break under discussion


I would only be for it if they played all the international qualifiers and meaningless friendliest during the break.

What is gained by having a winter break anyway?


We could stop hearing how much better England would be at international tournaments every two years.




Almost 90% of players questioned in a recent survey by Fifpro said they wanted a mid-season break

If they really feel they would benefit from it then I don’t see why we shouldn’t have one, so this is good news.


As long as we are not jetting round the world playing friendlies I can accept it.


Good idea.

Lets hope it actually does us good in the national level.


February? Is it just to preserve the Christmas fixtures? Should have had it after that busy period.


I like that it is staggered so there will still be games on. For some reason I always assumed a Winter break would lead to a gap in the calendar.


February? It ain’t mid season at that point.


Apparently there will be a rule put in place stipulating that teams are not allowed to add their own fixture in.

But, if the punishment is a measly fine, then I don’t know how much that would really deter teams, given how lucrative friendlies in some far flung places can be.


No winter break is what makes the PL unique, football non stop, I mean I’ll get over it in 3 seconds but I’d still be disappointed if this happens


It also helps when you consider that the Qatar WC has to be shoehorned into a mid-season winter break in four years time.

The winter break is a pre cursor to allowing the EPL to spread football out. How they’re going to do this for Qatar is beyond me (in that instance, the football league will have to come to a standstill, too- they’re not going to have a winter break from 2019/20)


But there actually won’t be any stop to the football under this proposal.