Premier League: Winter break under discussion


Better not be over Christmas!! Make it sometime in January.

Are you for a winter break?

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have it for January and so the transfer window can be open at the same time


As long as teams are not flying all over the world playing money grabbing friendlies.


Keep it the way it is, love the 4 games over 10 days during the festive period, one of the things that makes the EPL unique.


“A January break has been under discussion, so if it gets agreed it would not impact on the traditional festive football schedule.”


Ok if that’s the case I think it will be the death of the League cup, as its the only way I can see the schedule working out if they have a winter break in Jan.


They should do it for the two weekends between the first round of European games.

Gonna be tough squeezing two more games somewhere into the calendar though…


There must be some international friendlies we can scrap.


Well UEFA already did so with their Nations cup nonsense. But FIFA control the international fixture calendar and those dates are going nowhere.


I don’t think we’re obliged to make a fixture though


Well they have to play the nations cup and that’s 3 or maybe 4 of the dates then there’s qualifiers which will be another 3 or 4. Only a couple left for friendlies and anyway, it’s not like if the FA don’t make a fixture that’s actually helpful to PL clubs given that other nations will so most players will play either way.


I don’t see why it would be difficult to implement. Other countries start their seasons later than us and manage a break.


Other countries don’t have an extra domestic cup competition though.


They also don’t give over weekends to their main cup competition the way the FA cup does (in most other leagues anyway).

I personally wouldn’t want them to change the way the FA cup works though. Just looking at the way the supercoppa in Italy works for example 8 serie A teams don’t enter until the ro16…that’s a bit shit.


There’s loads of time to fit the league cup into. A midweek break might possibly affect one leg of the semi finals. Either make the semis one leg or play the final in March rather than February.


Our main problem is we have 2 extra teams in our league but getting a vote for reducing to 18 teams wont happen.


That’s the best solution. The Premier League needs a break after the traditional busy festive football schedule.


The League Cup only has the semifinals in january, tbh. They could easily find another date.


France yes.


You could also make the LC a one leg tie, rather than two.