Premier League fixtures 22/23

Released at 9am on Thursday morning

The last two years we have played the playoff winner away.

Forrest for the hattrick? :joy:

Leeds away first I’m predicting

Everton at home.

The first matchweek will commence on August 6th (week 31), and the last matchweek before the WC will be in week 45. With an international break from 19-27th september (week 38), that will leave 13 weekends for 16 games. So even before we’re halfway through November, at least three games will have been played midweek. Clubs in Europe will play 6 games in 9 weeks from (in the case of the Europa League) September 8th to November 3rd. Brutal.

The horror :scream:


Horror lol

Probably fake anyway. Weren’t the leaked ones last season incorrect as well?


They’re all fixed as fuck, anyway.

Why don’t we get the NLD as the opening or last fixture? Or Liverpool v Manchester United on those days, for example. I know the probability is small-ish but by the law of averages, we should have had a derby or a 1st v 2nd in the opening game of a PL season by now.

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Brighton and Wolves? LOL who the feck would us and Man United have to get for it not to be considered a horror? Also, Southampton v Chelsea was 0-6 last season :sweat_smile:

Also @Flexo could that screenshot BE any smaller? Haha

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We always beat them. As do ManUre

There’s the link to the story. Gives fixtures for first 8 weeks.

We apparently have:

Brighton A
Leicester H
Wolves A
Newcastle H
Man City A
Everton A
West Ham H
Forest A

But it’s more than likely a load of crap

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The fixtures are “leaked” every summer lol they are always wrong


With those opening fixtures I’ll be looking forward to the Invincibles mark 2

Want the scum away first match

Arsenal vs Forest Game is set for 24 September in that leak and that is the International break, so not a very smart leak…


Probably be spurs or city first game of the season

Feel like we have City early on every season. That might just be in my head though.

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Gw3 last season and gw5 the season before. Must be gw1 this season

Well you know we got like Brentford last time. That didn’t work either.

We’ve definitely had them opening day quite recently as well. Pre pandemic, so maybe 2018?

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