Premier League 2023/24

omg wow! So they were just 1 vote short…

Owner of Sheff United for those not aware :sweat_smile:

I’m guessing he probably didn’t have many pictures of Sheffield United on his bedroom wall in his palace, when they were playing in the lower leagues. :grinning:

So all these teams are associated with multi-club owners except Everton and Wolves right?
However, Everton’s new potential owners also own other clubs so that kinda makes sense.

I do have my suspicions on why Wolves voted against it. It’s either because they’re thinking of buying another club OR they’re thinking about selling. And I actually think it’s the latter.

Do they still like to get players from Jorge Mendes FC?

I’m not sure. I know a lot of his clients left though.

The vibes around them are fine now but that wasn’t the case going into the season.

They were selling key players and not really replacing them. Lopetegui was begging to go and when they signed Gary their announcement of it was so sad.

I felt their owners gave up on the whole project and I actually don’t believe they expected that they’ll turn out somewhat decent this season.

The whole football world is fishy as fuck

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Stuff like this makes me want to just quit participating in the sport altogether.

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I don’t really agree with Tim here. This is how PL rules get changed. Its always been about who was in the league when the rule change comes up for discussion and a vote. They could have implemented this rule the very first season multi club ownership was a thing and it would have passed without issue. Now its too late.

He added this :sweat_smile:

But yeah anyway, he was only joking.

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Why are crime suspects deciding the potential punishment for the crime?

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Just read that Ten Hag is serving a touchline ban this weekend, for getting three yellows already this season.

Pretty incredible.

After Man City play Liverpool they’ve got spurs and Aston Villa and they could drop points, so we have to take advantage against Brentford, Wolves and Luton.

Why you gotta go jinx it like that?

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It might do the opposite. :grinning:

I’d be wouldn’t be surprised if City drop more points but they’re still in first gear, whilst we’re in 2nd gear (yet to find our groove) and everyone else is playing their hearts out.

Once they turn on the afterburners, they’ll clinch the title as usual.

Though I hope one of us or Liverpool win it this year. And Pep finally fucks off.