Poster of the Year 2018


  • Craigie
  • Darkseid
  • JakeyBoy
  • Phoebica
  • Sol
  • Will24

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@Craigie @Darkseid @JakeyBoy @Phoebica @Sol @SRCJJ @will24

Who is your Poster of the year? Vote now from this selection of seven.

A real quality list, but in the end, I opted for @will24. A real asset for OA :slight_smile:


He was one of my three nominations. Excellent poster and long time been one of my favourites.

Won’t say who I gave the nod to though :smirk:

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2 of my 3 nominations made the final cut so I’ll be voting for one of them…

@Mysty @SRCJJ cheers guys, it’s much appreciated :slight_smile: and thanks to all those who nominated me!

Honestly not sure who to vote for myself as all of them contribute something different to the forum, so I’ll have to give it a think!

No worries mate.

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Went for @SRCJJ out of a very good list. Always gives a well reasoned opinion on every subject.


Voted for @Phoebica. Always enjoy reading your contributions :+1:

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naaaaah, you just fancy her :henry2: :giroud:


Despite leading most of the week, will24 was pipped to the line by Jake, to win the coverted Poster of the Year. Although having said that, the votes suggest they earned the same amount, despite the weird 1% difference :sweat_smile: I’ll let you two decide if you want to share the title or not :smiley:

@JakeyBoy 10 votes
@Will24 10 votes
@Craigie 6 votes
@Sol 5 votes
@SRCJJ 4 votes
@Darkseid 3 votes
@Phoebica 3 votes


Rigged by the mod squad clearly. :xhaka:


@Mysty Shouldn’t you have organised some kind of tiebreaker for such a scenario? Think you should step down from your duties next year, clearly not up to it :unai:

I was never destined to win with an army of mods voting for their man. Plus the system naturally put me at second despite clearly being level :jakey:


Mods as corrupt as UEFA.

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Tiebreakers have always resulted in the award going to both over the years. Besides, didn’t you win Personality last year drawing with Cristo? I would keep sthum about wanting a change :smiley:

Reminds me of this:



Fuck all your noise, I somehow lost out to AC on the biggest, most prestigious award.

I’m taking this one and not sharing it

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Disgraceful decision and one I’m not happy about.

Real talk though, @will24 you’re a smashing poster and more than deserve this one, happy to concede this one to ya.

Its honestly the combative poster I wanted and am now genuinely sad about :bellerin:

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Congrats @JakeyBoy. Guess its Pires turn to start showing the selfie now then.