Portsmouth Vs Arsenal (FA Cup)

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Massive game now. We need something to keep our season interesting. Please don’t fuck this aswell lads. Cheers :+1:

  • Portsmouth win in 90 minutes
  • Portsmouth win in ET
  • Portsmouth win on penalties
  • Arsenal win in 90 minutes
  • Arsenal win in ET
  • Arsenal win on penalties

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Not fussed what happens, we won’t win the cup and even if we do it doesn’t give us CL football.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’ll be watching the American tackleball draft on ESPN, hope the wildcats make a good selection, we really need a hot tight end who can tackle hard


It does take us two ahead of Manchester United in the honours list tho.

Honestly just about the worse possible game we want right now. Anything could happen here. Scared to predict.

We need CL revenue back plain and simple, this club is in a world of hurt and our reputation is in tatters.

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I’m not disagreeing but to say you don’t care if we win this is pretty embarrassing imo. The FA Cup is a great competition to be in.

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No way we beat someone like Man City in the latter stages anyways, or Liverpool if they start to take it seriously.

“Arsenal win in 90 minutes”
“Arsenal win in ET”
“Arsenal win on Penalties”


I really can’t give a toss, a cup win would be nice but we can’t even beat rubbish teams atm.

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In it to win it.

Depends who you are, Liverpool don’t seem to care too much about it cause they want to win PL and CL. City only take it serious once they hit the semis. It just doesn’t hold the luster it once did.

We only take it serious cause it’s the only thing we can win now lol.

look whatever you think of the competition the simple fact is as a club, fanbase and Arteta going forward we simply cannot afford to lose this match.

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It’s the best we can get.

Arsenal fans should not turn there nose on it

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I don’t care what any other club does we are the record holders for this cup. A proud statistic to hold.

I want to keep increasing our buffer. She wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of May. COYG

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Would love to win the League Cup more to be honest lol.

Depends on where you want Arsenal to be, For me I rather be in Liverpool position winning CL’s and PL’s. A Cup is nice but winning the title is where it’s at and it should be at for a club like Arsenal, winning a FA Cup should be a bonus. Just a opinion.


More the opinion mate, it’s basically fact. Arsenal made the move to the Emirates to keep up with clubs and compete for the biggest prizes eg CL and PL.

We didn’t move to the Emirates to become midtable battlers and try and snag the odd cup.


Totally disinterested by this match.

I’ll be watching Forest who are on at the same time

It is indeed a massive game because this is our competition, but then the JCLs among you by definition have no real interest in or appreciation of club history

Think we’re there for the taking a bit with the extra time demands and the mental blow to some of the players etc. Portsmouth could push us very close

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