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Will certainly look out for this then, do you reckon it’s on whatever channel 4’s streaming platform is these days?

Richard Ayoade’s tash alone looks too good not to miss out on.

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I was checking if it was on All 4 myself yesterday and can confirm it is.


Richard Ayoade as Dean Learner, playing Thornton Reed, not putting on an act, but putting on the truth.

Fuck, I need to rewatch this this weekend, it’s been a while :grin:

Been watching What We do In the Shadows lately, so more Matt Berry and his wonderful voice is exactly what I’m in the mood for. He’s great playing Todd Rivers, who is playing Dr Lucien Sanchez.

Anyone checked out David Seaman’s podcast? He does it every week, lots of Arsenal chat and he interviews different legends too


If your next post is about David Seamans podcast you’re getting banned.

Was surprised to see Ramsdale had been on it. :wink:

Unless you can prove that you’re David Seaman.