Players you feel are underappreciated


I loved him for his attitude.


I remember watching an episode of Football’s Greatest (or whatever its called on Sky Sports) on Michael Laudrup. The way he was spoken about by other people great players and pundits, and some of the clips they showed were simply astounding yet he doesn’t really ever get mentioned in many conversations as a great.

His random retirement was strange, he ended up missing the Danes’ European Championship success in 92 but irrespective of that, still a player held in extremely high regard but his name doesn’t come up much.


I think Ben Mee is underappreciated to a degree, when they big up Burnley’s defenders he hardly ever gets a mention.

All these years he’s been the constant in the heart of Burnley’s defence and yet it’s Keane, Tarkowski that get the plaudits and subsequent call ups to the national team.


Yea, I’ve come across it before. I’m still not sure if there was a league full of Mourinho’s or if Baggio has to carry some blame. Ofcourse our beloved Henry was a wingback for Juve, which sounds like a Mourinho joke, but wasn’t

Also imagine if he went to the PL instead of Brescia.

Although this article makes you realise how playing with great players brings on young players. Pirlo played with Baggio. Zola played with Maradona. Would all those Barce youngsters have been as good without world class talent around them?


Paco Alcacer.


Good call, Laudrup was bloody awesome.


John Fashnu.


Not a player but Florentino Perez.

How many CLs is that during his presidency? 5?

Also consistently thinks about the club’s success, first and foremost.

Nobody could affect that objective.

Best sports executive round imo. Surely everyone would love him in charge of the club they support?