Players you feel are underappreciated


Karim Benzema.


Morten Gamst Pedersen - could have easily played for a club bigger than Blackburn. Had a great left foot and a fair bit of flair.

Another one that comes to mind is Kevin Phillips. He had a 1 in 2 record for Sunderland and scored over a 100 goals. He also won the European golden Boot, but eventually let himself down by not moving up a level. We should have gone with him rather than Francis 'one season wonder’s Jeffers when we were looking to sign a poacher.


Raheem Sterling


what about Sanogo…Sanogo anyone? But dat chaos factor tho!!


Not sure whether he is underappreciated as such, but Matt Le Tissier was such a gifted player. In terms of pure ability, he is one of the finest attacking players England has produced in the last 30 years.

When we talk about the best English players of the PL era, I doubt many even mention Le Tissier. Didn’t get many England caps but can’t comment on why that was as my memory is a bit fuzzy on that.


Maybe it’s just my isolation from the larger football world, but to me Alessandro Nesta . One of the top 20 defenders of all time and I rarely see him mentioned with the likes of Maldini and other Italian greats.


I think Terry Venables had a lot to do with that. He went for the fashionable choices.

Apparently (and I think this is crap, but I’ll carry on regardless) there was an element of racism in Venables choices. The choice of striker to play alongside Shearer- Wright, Cole, Ferdinand, Collymore- and he goes with Teddy frigging Sheringham. face slap


Roberto Baggio.

Think he’s at times forgotten about when people discuss the greatest players of the 90s.


Scored something like 37 out of 38 pens for Saints too.

Ice running through his veins when the pressure was on.


Gerd Muller


Sheringham was the perfect foil for Shearer though with his link up play.


I was a big Baggio fanboy, he was unreal, especially at the '90 and 94 world cups. However there must have been a reason first Juve moved him on for DelPiero. Then he got froze out at Milan. I was really depressed about that at the time. I remember when he was made to play on the right of midfield when he did come back in the team and he seemed wasted.

I wonder if Baggio was a bit of a selifsh player like Alexis Sanchez. Having said that he was 28 when he left Juve


i feel david villa was not appreciated as much, maybe in his valencia days he was by their team but when he went to barca i just dont think he was treated as one of the stars and i feel he was let go too easily too. I remember wishing and wishing we had the money and pulling power to get him.


I remember reading a good article about Baggio’s troubles. Did some trawling but managed to find it. It’s a good read.


What about Juan Mata? Excellent player at Chelsea, who was very much a key asset in Chelsea’s European success, and then had to deal with Mourinho’s problems not once, but twice which could’ve ruined his career, but managed to come through all of that and still going strong.

He just seems to quietly go about his business without any fuss amongst all the primadonnas at Man Utd but still always tends to deliver more than most. Not to mention he seems like a geniunely top guy.


Diego Milito? Guy should’ve had a shot at a bigger club sooner than Inter at 28/29. Very good striker.


Fucking loved playing with him and Eto’o as Inter on FIFA.


Feel bad for the guy, imgine being ousted from chavski even when he was doing well and he decides to go to Manu to start over and the miserable fucker follows you he must have thought FML!


Speaking of players in Serie A, how about Di Natale. Was pretty prolific throughout his career but killed it for a few consecutive seasons. Was regularly amongst the top non-Messi / Ronaldo goalscorers in Europe.


World class striker. One of my favourites. Great shout.