Players you feel are underappreciated


Gylfi Sigurdsson, I like watching the guy and he carried Swansea on his back for a period.


Tbh, I can only really remember him as Leeds 'keeper in the mid 90s. However, Georgie Graham called him one of the best goalkeepers around. He’s a man I can trust #allowthebungs


If I could, I would field a team of all Lahm or all Santi


Dimitar Berbatov i reckon could have done far better than he did, he had some sorta cantona style in him i reckon he could have been far more dangerous and prolific but for some reason (maybe believing he is too good and his own hype or being far too lazy) he didnt reach those heights…i feel Arshavin could have been a world beater too but was too lazy.


Mark Viduka.

Always hated him but thought he was a fantastic striker - unusually fast for his size, powerful and deadly.


Another good shout. Speaking of Leeds, thought Harry Kewell was excellent for them as well for a time. Never quite reached those levels for Liverpool due to injuries.


Yes Sol! I was going to mention Kewell as well, but wasn’t sure if he was worth putting into this thread or not.

The Leeds team around 2000 really had a pretty impressive aray of talent.


Edu. Never got to cut it properly for us but I felt he was one sub you could bring into influence the game.


Just to comeback to this, Lauren is a very good shout. I’d love to have him in our current side.


Lauren’s penalties were the stuff of legend.

The winning pen in the Spurs game in 2002, the FA cup final pen in 2005 and the celebration in front of the Mancs.

This guy wasn’t a bottler.

And he also strangled Phil Neville.


Canizares is another one. Who remembers this blonde beast

Sorry the vid seems to be taken by a potato


Fantastic goalkeeper! Although I unfortunately only remember him for missing the 2002 world cup because he dropped a bottle of aftershave on his foot…

Seeing Mark Viduka mentioned in this thread reminded me of this


Aside from him scoring four top notch goals, the thing I took from that video is that Leeds players needed to give the man space to celebrate and not jump on his back so much.


Always with the Irish bashing…



Bloody Mark Viduka :unamused:

Need I remind you all of May 2003?!


I wish you hadn’t :pensive:


Paulo Wanchope…


Pablo Zabaleta and Esteban Cambiasso… obviously they were lauded in their time, but I always thought they were more important in their squads than they were given credit for…


lol had no idea about that story.


It’s one of those stories which would make a great pub quiz question :grin:
Just found the following article from the time. It actually says he established himself as number one ahead of Casillas before the tournament, which considering how little he is talked about backs up your point!