Players you feel are overappreciated


Given he played for another 14 years I’m not sure the goal he scored against us was really late in his career tbh with you.

He would have been about 24/25 when he scored that goal against us.


So we were both wrong then:) Anyway he hardly made his career hype based on something he did seven years into his career; he was completely established at the point of that goal.


Nobody properly rated Giggs until he was about 33 or 34. He was just a good player like most United players were. It’s his longevity, and his longevity only that made people start talking about him like one of the greats. From 34 it was non stop about what a legend he was, what a servant to his club, what a calm experienced head, what a medal collection.


Apparently his brothers wife didn’t think he was overrated…………


I have to say that’s one of the shittiest thing you can ever do.
Not even colleague, not even a friend but to your own brother.


Really tough what is this brilliance based on. What or who are the great teams or performances that he produced in any one given season on anything like a regular basis.
He has an inflated reputation based on a few tears in Ilalia 90, a free kick against us and a goal against Scotland.
You can level that up with his lack of maturity that turned him into a tabloid clown and problems with drink.
Football wise you have his self inflicted injury in the cup final that put his career on a downward spiral that he never really recovered for.
He missed an open goal in Euro 96 against Germany through lack of agility due too his poor conditioning. He then topped his international career off with a pathetic meltdown and tantrum when again his neglect of his body seen him fail to make the world cup squad in 1998.
Without doubt this man is the biggest myth in football in this country that I have seen. His career more than most in this category is hyped on a very small bite size.


There’s a phrase I associate with Gascoigne "one of the most talented players England has ever produced’. I didn’t come up with that myself, it’s definitely something I’ve heard time and time again and I think the distinction between best and most talented is important and shows there is a recognition of exactly what @Stroller is saying. Which probably means he isn’t that overrated…


Yes, I don’t think his brilliance can be demonstrated sufficiently at domestic level, partly due to injury, and partly due to the clubs he chose to play for, but internationally I think he did more than enough to prove he was world class, and that the praise he gets is deserved.

He played in two major international tournaments reaching the semi’s in both, with assists and goals, as well as general high level creative play. He’s not overrated, he’s one of the best English players of our modern era.


Up until that leg break against Forrest Gazza was the best player in Britain and top 3 in the world and arguably the best in the world at that time. He was past his best in '96 but completely dominated an all time great Dutch midfield. Alcoholism, injuries and lack of professionalism cut short his career but world class on his day.


Luka Modric.

Controversial but fuck it. Folks going on about how he is better than Xavi, Iniesta, up there with Zidane.

Am I going mad, because I am just not seeing that.

Fuck me, CR7, Marcelo and Ramos have actually given Modric, Varane and even Benzema reputations they so don’t deserve


Problem with a decision like this is that people talk in extremes. He did not deserve the accolade but he is a very good player with a lot of pedigree.
No need too destroy him. Played some great games in his career. Was outstanding against Juventus in the CL final couple of seasons ago.


Modric has become criminally overrated. He didn’t even deserve to finish in the top 10 in the Ballon D’Or based on his performances for Real Madrid but because Croatia made it to the final (where they failed to beat any of the teams in the knockout stage in 90 minutes and laboured through most games after the group stages) and Real Madrid won the Champions League that apparently makes him the best player in the world. Not even fucking close.


I agree regarding Modric that he is nowhere as good as he made out to be.

Someone else who I think is overrated is Neymar. Just never ever going to be the level of Messi and Ronaldo. For all his footballing ability he has achieved little, continuously seems to throw tantrums when things don’t go his way on- and off field and his play-acting antics really destroy for me his reputation.

For me there are a handful of footballers out there better than him.


The difference with Neymar and the other 2 is attitude, he just doesn’t have the right attitude to be the best i the world, he already probably thinks he is and that’s why he acts like he does. He’s a turd.


Paul Scholes who on redcafe they have on par with Xavi and Pirlo. I kid you not. His Premier League highest assists is 7 in a season, which isn’t everything he was a good goalscorer and passed and moved well but with the Xavi and Pirlo comparisons FFS. Couldn’t tackle or dribble either


A guy who was underrated as a player but now has a reputation far above what he was due to some fake quotes and memes


Yeah but Zidane said he was the best. Or something like that. So he must be better than Lampard and Gerrard and the best to grace an English midfield since Bobby Charlton


Isn’t every retired United player :rofl:


Phil Jones has stole a living at United under so many mangers. Duped a few England ones as well. Such an unnatural player when he is occasionally fit for selection.


Paul Scholes is insanely overrated. Boring player and dirty as fuck. But because he was English commentators laughed off how dangerous his tackling was by saying he was just showing effort.

Also, I’m already on record saying that Eden Hazard is overrated.