Players you feel are overappreciated


Nonsense. His best years were way before that goal and he scored plenty of impressive goals and lit up United’s left wing for a decade before with pretty much everything you want in a winger. A couple of years after his debut they were having adds with United’s Best/Chalton/Law '68 European Champions celebrating that win with Giggs pasted in with Sir Matt Busby saying ‘Ryan Giggs would have started with them’. Giggs was one of the best PL players from a young age

More absolute bollox


Yet more horseshit, Beckham was on about 20 assists per season for 4 years while having insane workrate. “Don’t Want, Ray Parlour is better”


Actually I must concede considering I didn’t follow the sport until 1998 I can’t judge Giggs before then so I probably shouldn’t comment. After 98 though Pires 02-05 was clearly better than anything Giggs produced.


Hi Ryan, Great result for you against Ireland


I think i am the only one on here who really rated Giggs. Great winger, imo.


Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m not implying that I would want to have Parlour over Beckham. Simply that he is the most overrated English footballer. His qualities didn’t match his reputation as top, top footballer.


It’s still a populist nonsense statement. Beckham’s final ball was arguably the best in the world in this era and he was genuinely world class. No he was not overrated. It’s something ‘blokes’ who don’t like his hipster lifestyle like to perpetuate.

All the belated talk of Scholes being the best midfilder around was way before Beckham and Keane left because the masses considered those 2 to be better


I always remember Beckham being massively questioned. He was also rightly, regularly called out as a difference maker because he often was.

I really don’t think he was overrated.


But don’t you think, SD, that had Giggs been as good as people say he was, the far superior teams in Serie A would have come in for him in the 90s? They wouldn’t pussyfoot about, either. Inter wanted Ince. They got him

I get where you’re coming from, though. No one on here is doubting whether or not Giggs was good- he was. He certainly wasn’t as good as people say, that’s the crux of the matter.


United had all the success of the world in the nineties. I’m not sure he had any reason to leave that behind.


This is such an Invincibles2004 thread.


I think the award has always been based on the second definition and has nothing to do with the first


They got Ince because Ince showed up to training with the licence plate ‘the govenor’. Teams obviously tried to get Giggs, United weren’t a selling club like we were:

Inter did want Giggs around 2002/3 but around this time United could splash 50m on Veron and Van Nistroy in 1 window. They didn’t need to sell anyone.


True if you compare him to the players you mention then yes he is overrated. I haven’t previously considered that others have held him so highly. Mind you, most of the early / mid era Giggs United teams had players who are rather average but held highly - Pallister, Bruce, Lee Sharp, Cole, Butt, Neville (not Gary, the other one), it’s a long list.


Paul fucking Gascoigne, Gattuso, Pogba


Ahhh Giggsy…isn’t it …wasn’t it. You know…wasn’t it.

Small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts…



Rush goalie. Two at the back, three in the middle, four up front, one’s gone home for his tea. Beans on toast? Possibly, don’t quote me on that. Marvellous.


13-2…next goal wins?


That’s not true though, he scored that goal against us rather late in his career. He was hyped to the max in his early days, and looked electric, so much so that Fergie shielded him from the press. I seem to recall that a few years later he was no longer doing the amazing stuff of his debut season, i.e. the dribbling etc. and kind of became solid but only periodically exciting.


Hard to say if he’s overrated. He was certainly a brilliant player, probably England’s most skilful since Hoddle, and probably as good as most other creative players of his time, but he was always injured, and injured in his prime too. At international level he was good too.