PL Relegation Battle 22/23

Just the 5 points separating 12th to 20th with 11/12 games remaining depending on the team.

So who is going down?

Which teams will get relegated
  • Crystal Palace - 27
  • Wolves - 27
  • Forest - 26
  • Everton - 25
  • Leicester - 24
  • West Ham - 24
  • Bournemouth - 24
  • Leeds - 23
  • Southampton - 22

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Mind if I change your poll to people having to pick 3 as opposed to up to 3? People will have to vote again.

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Bournemouth, Southampton and Palace

I think it’ll finish how it currently is.

Sorry lads vote again there would ye. Thanks. x

Leicester, Leeds, Southampton.

Think its Leeds/Southampton/Bournemouth

But would love Leicester to go so we could have a go at Maddison cutprice


Southampton, Bournemouth and Everton.

Bournemouth, Saints,Leeds. All done nothing changes on new appointments and will pay the price.
Like Everton to go but Dyche already picked up 10 points and is made for the battle.
Good to get rid of Leeds though. Cunts.


Home form for these (same with Forest) keeps them up.

I’ve voted for Neverton to go down, but that’s more heart than head.

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Leicester winning the league and then being relegated not even a decade later would have to be a pretty good rags to riches to rags story.

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Riches to rags surely

Edit, read it again. As you were gents

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^ your “as you were” reminded me of this

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Scrap having 3 places and just relegate Leeds 3 times.


Could West Ham go down? Imagine if they have to sell Rice at a discount.


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Think West Ham will have enough quality to stay up. Sadly, the Premier League parachute payments would mean that they wouldn’t need to take a lowball offer for Rice or Bowen.

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My thoughts exactly.

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There’s no way the players will play in the second division though. They’d force a move.

They’d leave but not in a bargain basement transfer.

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