Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

I give Auba credit for the FA cup goals. The FA win was great but doesn’t compare to other wins recently.

I focus on here league goals cause that’s where he proved he’s a great goalscorer in your mind

That FA Cup doesn’t compare to what other wins specifically?


How does you not enjoying this win as much as some others serve as some sort of black mark against Aubameyang? You liking, enjoying or rating it less doesn’t lessen his achievement. An achievement which outweighs that of any other single player in any of those cup wins you’ve cited.

I’d argue 2020 was our best win of that bunch.

We really we’re in the pits and we beat two world class teams to win it thanks to Aubwmeyang


I refuse to label Chelsea as world class because I despise them. But that’s a pretty good call.

I’m not using it as a black mark against Auba, the exact opposite, I excluded it from my initial post and again for a reason.

The win as a whole means less to me compared to others but Auba’s contributions are still memorable, I haven’t tried to diminish that at all

Compared to a backline with Mert and Holding against Costa? Nahhh mate

It all subjective debate at the end of the day

OK. If the discussion we’re having is about whether Aubameyang is a great goalscorer, why is it even relevant to bring up the fact that the win he was largely responsible for means less to you, if it isn’t in some way to diminish Aubameyang and support the point you’ve been making?

2017 was better. Beating the Premier League champions Chelsea with Conte at the helm > Chelsea under Lampard’s management.

Arsenal beat Man City in the semi-final too.


All I asked was how many memorable moments/goals he had outside of the obvious ones in the FA cup. That’s was the question

The point about the FA cup was (bracketed) intially for a reason, it wasn’t directly relevant

Through no fault of anyone that will be the worst of our recent FA Cup wins sorely for the fact it was in August in an empty stadium lol


Aubameyang’s hat-trick in the Europa League semi-final versus Valencia was fairly memorable for me.

Auba fucking up the trophy lift

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This whole discussion seems like a matter of semantics

Auba is a great goalscorer, but not a great-goals scorer

Fair shout. Good replay watch that

His stinker in the final was memorable too

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Auba scored some worldies in his time here.

Yeah man If i dig into my memory, Auba has also scored an outside the box curler to far corner against Liverpool. I think twice against Liverpool.

Usually is on here

I think this is fair enough. I think you can conflate the two when discussing a player’s impact for a club

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His technique for the second is stupendous. Lloris literally froze.

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It’s sad that Auba has lost his touch just when we are about to form a proper team. We could do with having him in form like this