Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)




ArsenalCristoPastry 14:28 30 seconds ago 30th Jan 2018:

Ok he’s hooked up to the heart monitor, everything looks good. #AFC fans you can all rest assured, he’s basically passed it now! Like and subscribe, I need all the followers I can get thanks,






“Lego boy”
Brilliant :grinning:


How pathetic are ya all?


Ok, that’s genuinely funny. :rofl:





Very. But it’s why we love football :slight_smile:


Strong evidence indeed that Aubemayeng is inside that people carrier









Stop being such a prude and join in the fun ffs


Don’t forget it’s a private people carrier. Auba wouldn’t get the bus so it’s all adding up.



You should lighten up. Enjoy the silly things in life.:joy:


Picked the complete wrong club to support if you’re not into dumb silly shit.

We have the weirdest fans around.


80 new posts since I last checked in.

If this falls through, there might actually be suicides.




Nah Liverpool fans are the weirdest. Well Scouse LFC fans

Are they twinned with Naples?