Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


I love PEA been wanting him pretty badly (and wanted him this summer). I think he’s talented enough and cocky enough to overcome Wengers bullshit.


What took us so long to sign him?! He should’ve been signed 3 years ago


So good he was even offside :poldi:


Although no one equals to the Great Henry, this guy resembles his speed and finishing ability. Let’s hope he is half of what Henry used to be and we can have some fun seasons ahead of us.


Auba has proper rattled Dortmund :joy::joy:


Well when you think about how Dembele and Aubameyang left, I can totally understand.


Good luck with that, the higher your value as a footballer, the easier it is to force a move away from a continental club whose finances aren’t on a par with the English clubs. It’s nice to see clubs occasionally win over players, but it’s usually player power that wins out



We’re truly in the time where power lies with the player, they can talk big all they want it’s a totally different story when a player comes out half arsed in matches and starts causing discord by not participating in team meetings, training and the like.


Bless 'em. They’re just puffing their chest out after having to sell probably their best player. Lets not beat around the bush, they got a nice sum for a player that had already left the team in his head. They are just trying to reassert some authority.


Lol! Jailed? I can understand them though. The sneaky chilean did the same with us. The players are helped by greedy football agents here.


He didn’t though.


Well, didn’t want to play for us anymore.


Fuck it I just realised that we have a striker that has figured out how to get away with being offside. This is a paradigm shift for us lol


Aubameyang about Mkhitaryan. It seems that nothing else than the swap made this all possible. Thanks United I guess.


Would have been nice if his goal had been legit and not against regulations


Fucking boring danish tool. Will you ever be happy?


Gee Cristo you must be fun at parties.

You and @Aussiegooner would be letal together :joy:


Don’t let online football realism fool you…


Ha yeah aussie :wink:


Lol I’m only joining if you are