Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

Rashford is bang average I wouldn’t want him anywhere near Arsenal


Of those 27 ‘big chances’ that Aubameyang missed, 51.9% (14) landed off target so that includes hitting the woodwork (4). So he missed the target completely on 10. That is not good. Most of the league top scorers are floating at around 70% on target and over for their ‘big chances’.

People (here, there and everywhere) are always quick to slam Lukaku’s technique but few would say the same for Aubameyang. :neutral_face:

And we’re not selling him to Man Utd for 75 million ffs

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Yet he’s still joint golden boot winner. If his finishing is that poor then it’s clearly compensated for by his ability to be in the right place at the right time. It sure as fuck isn’t the service he’s receiving as this is one of the least creative Arsenal sides I can ever remember. We’re playing poverty football with a shit left back being our most productive player lelelel


Arsenal weren’t a creative team but the chances they did created were ‘high value’/close to the goal and typically they’d fall to Lacazette and Aubameyang.

Compensated…Aubameyang is good enough and should probably score more goals. His intelligence of movement inside the penalty is the best in the league but in terms of taking those ‘high value’ chances was similar to Morata.

Does it matter if he’s the top scorer and has 22 goals? I think it does.

1 point kept us out of the top 4. Auba’s volleyed miss versus Brighton from 7/8 yards out comes to mind.

EDIT: fourth edit…going for the record ;–)

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Yet Auba’s goals were responsible for like 14 points this season for us. So okay he missed the Pen and missed against brighton that cost us what 4 points? So he’s still net 10, without his work we are on 63 points instead.of 73.


Or the pen miss vs Spurs…


14 points? That could open a whole new can of worms, so I won’t even go there. :smile:

I’m not trying to have a go at Aubameyang but I do think my point that he left a lot of potential goals unscored is a valid one. It’s not just Brighton or versus Spurs, though they do come to mind.

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Auba high on the xMisfortune per 90 stats. Can’t wait to see the graph.



Aubameyang’s autopark looks like Bellerin’s wardrobe.

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I love my man Auba but his taste is straight up atrocious haha. Funny though how it comes off as quite cute and charming while Bellerin’s comes off as the saddest most desperate cry for attention.




I drink water too. Our players are so relatable


When you aint got signings to announce so this content has to do


It’s the kind of low profile patter we should be posting about after signing a shiny new player when everyone is in hype overload, wanking themselves silly at anything the new player does in training. Something as simple as watching them twine Mustafi, or nutmeg Özil and everyone is absolutely lapping it up.

I’m not amused.


So true :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

Like that time Denis Suarez hit the top corner in training from 12 yards out and Laca seemed to love it :rofl:

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buxton is the best water, I drink buxton, it’s big and beautiful

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Highland Spring all day.

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not sure I’ve ever had that one

Tap. You wasteful posh cunts.