Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

Yup 200k is kinda the safe cut off point too. Fuck this paying 300k to 400k for any player. The Alexis Ozil saga has shown what a nightmare that can be.

Get good players tied down earlier and sell if it becomes apparent they are running their contract down.

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Ozil’s wage is entirely down to him threatening to leave for free, and was a mistake. It shouldn’t be a benchmark to judge everything else this club does.

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We should certainly learn from it though. Same goes for Ramsey which was the other extreme.

Though to me it’s more just common sense to try and find some neutral ground between losing people for free like Ramsey or paying players ridiculous wages that no other club will match so they’re able to Jenkinson us for the remainder of their contract.

These two are exactly the type we should be resigning for this money, the idea of pacey forwards falling off a cliff past their early 30s is overplayed imo


Fuck out

Fuck that shit.


I would have thought, like us, the striker position isn’t much of a problem.
They need defenders, a replacement for Pogba and some decent midfielders to do the job that Sanchez was bought to do, before they start thinking about strikers.

Although, 50m and Rashford might be tempting.

If we sell our golden boot winner to United for a second time we should just dissolve the club.


Yeah you’d really have to think long and hard if they come up with a big, big number… that team has many issues and a freakin collection of attacking players, maybe none who will work out. I doubt they part with any of them, but not sure at this point I’d want any other than maybe Rashford…

90 million and you’d have to think long and hard for a pace striker at his age…


He’s more than just a simple pace striker though, he wasn’t even at his best this season and he still scored as much as anyone while playing in one of our worst ever teams.

If we want any chance of getting into the CL we need players like him, and god forbid Emery actually has a productive summer and gets this team playing something that resembles football. Auba is the type of players of who could genuinely score enough goals to see us have a go at the title, similar to Suarez pushing Rodger’s Pool right to the brink.

Selling to United for any money would be absolute madness. Financially we’d lose more in the long run by being entirely flaccid competitively.

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His big game record last two seasons is terrible.

£90m+ and it’s impossible to say no really


I’m not saying he is just a pace striker, but rather that it is one of his great attributes and at his age…

Anyway, the point is that 90 million for a team that isn’t going anywhere next year (except hopefully top 4), is something to really think about.

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It was also his first season and we were collectively awful against the big sides away from home.

I’d be reluctantly open to the discussion if he was moving over seas but to United it’s a non starter for me.

United know he’s the type of player who could make them relevent again. I just hope we know that too.

£990m + they forfeit the 2013 title and strip van Persie of the Premier League goalscorer award and we can shake hands.


If they offered a swap involving Rashford, what’s a good deal?
Straight swap, Rashford+30, Rashford plus 50?

What about Lukaku plus 70? :joy:

Talksport love to rile up Arsenal fans lol

Yeah, he missed some real good sitters. Amazing how he could have been like 6 or 7 goals ahead in the tally last season.

and the rest! :joy:

But however many he misses, he’s still my favourite current player, and probably will be until he leaves the club.