Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

we can fleece them for players we don’t want instead

not good

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Jesus Christ

There’s not much chance they resign for less.

It’s likely Auba will bang in around 30 goals again next season. Doubt his value drops off a cliff but his age will mean it falls.

Nonetheless, it’s important to tie him down so we still have something of value to sell if needed next summer.

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I don’t think it makes any sense to offer Auba any deal given he’s going to be 32/33 when his current deal expires. Let him see that deal out and then move on


This club really is run by morons

No way Lacazette is a 200k P/W forward


The club is truly finished if that deal comes to fruition. It means we have the wrong manager, executives and owner

Lacazette does not command that wage from any other club. His production is extremely replaceable


Yeah, for all the plaudits Arsenal fans give him his productivity is not befitting of a 200k+ p/w.


Laca has 3 years left. No reason to give him a pay rise at this point, especially if we’re supposedly so constrained on wage inflation.

Auba I wouldn’t mind personally, maybe a small bump to add that extra year. For what we paid for him letting him walk as he just turns 32 is a bit pointless. I highly doubt he’ll be finished by then, even if he’s not at his best.

edit: Just hit me that we paid £56m for a player to sign a 3.5 year contract? Seems a bit weird.

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I get that logic, but my rationale for extending him is that he might still be worth 40m to another club next season if he has 2 years on his contract. If he’s only got 12 months left next summer then he holds all the cards, and will probably end up walking for free.

Thinking about it, we will struggle to sell him full stop in all likelihood. Not sure there will be a big market for a 31 year old Aubameyang but it would just be such a blow to see another sellable asset leave for nothing, or a pittance.


I think when you buy a player like him at that age, you have to pretty much assume no resale, or very little - and that isn’t the end of the world. He has been and I reckon will still be very useful for the next 2 years and that is quite ok.


The club is a complete mess from top to bottom but I don’t believe they care much for resale value when it comes to Auba.

If he contributes another 30+ goal season and we end up with CL football, it’ll be worth it in their eyes I imagine.

If Ozil is 350k per week, Lacazette is 500k/w easily.

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Maybe not in an other League (La Liga). But that’s the whole thing about the PL. The money there is different. If Aguero gets in excess of 10 million per year, Lacazette probably is a 8-10 million type player. He is better than you give him credit for.

There goes any kind of resale value for Laca

I must be the only one not bothered by this. Out of our squad, the two strikers are the only ones I don’t begrudge paying a good salary.

And 200kpw certainly wont put off any suitors, not in 2019.


We can afford a couple of high paid players even if they go for peanuts even if we dont get cl…we are making close to 500m a season. The problem is high average wages for shit players like jenkinson on 60k elneny on the same amount etc these are players that do nothing never really play and its just a fucking waste!

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Auba and Laca run the show for us so if there any players deserving of a wage rise, it is them.

It’s not that illogical to be fair. Compare them with Ozil’s output/wage ratio then it’s clear as day.