Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Fluid and dangerous. Great to see him and his Mkhi linking up again.

Surely, these two can help end Arsenal’s road woes…


“Yeah Mhki, let’s do it again with Arsenal”.


Neat goal started from good movement


Walcott-esque beating of the offside trap and Welbeck-esque finishing.


Solid debut, may have been glaringly offside but we’ve replaced an unconfident striker with a confident finisher clearly. Albeit he didn’t score with the chance off Ozil’s ball


Yeah although he wasn’t involved lots & lots, I think today showed the advantages that can be gained by having a striker with true pace.


That’s the best thing. He still needs to understand our style of play, but he managed to score in the end though.


I love that you’ve described a player scoring before 40 minutes as “in the end” :grin:


Cheers mate.


So frustrating, we’ve been dying for a CF just like him for years, this summer he wanted to leave and where were we? Could’ve sold Alexis, bought him and acquired another creative type in the summer and been in much better shape this season, probably be in the top 4, but honestly, what were we doing this summer? Ultimately it would seem that Sven and Sanllehi coming in and making things happen is the clear difference, which is to say that Wenger, Law, etc. were simply just incompetent operators in the market.


I can guarantee you that, without Sven and Sanllehi, Wenger and his boys would bid a few millions short again and fail to capture Auba.


No, we would have never looked at him. Perez would have probably been called back.


Could be like that also…


Or making a cheeky bid for Benteke :smile:


I’m half surprised Chelsea didn’t try that out this January lol


I liked those kits. Very classy.


Top strikers have presence. Opponents know it. Fans know it and most importantly of all your team mates know it.
Wrighty,Henry;RVP had tons of it. Been too long without one but pretty sure weve got one here now. Feels great too.


BBC commentator pronounced his name about 5 different ways

but they all ended in ‘yong’


that triggered me so much