Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Doesn’t look ill to me… And we found ourselves a new goalkeeper. Bonus.




Loool. You do it first… no you do it first…

Reminds of that Friends scene with Ross and Julie.

“You hang up”
“No you hang up first”
“We’ll do it together”


I like the way neither of them said “I’m only coming if Wenger stays.”


Time to make Arsenal great again like they did with Dortmund :kos2:


Another version…
" You jump (ship) first… "
“No, you jump first”
“You jump, I jump”



Life haxxxx


Why would you get Walcott on the back in the first place? :wink:


drunk or on drugs?


Must be a masochistic person.



Lol always reactive



Per runs 3 steps and thinks ‘aaaggggghhhhhh fuck this i am retiring this season i aint injuring myself trying to keep up with this sod’


Really hope we see him start vs Everton & Mkhitaryan also, we really need some fresh excitement.


A bit surrealistic that we have this guy in our team. I hope it wears off after watching a game with him. Fingers crossed our new attack front gel quickly.


Watching the making of his video, it really felt like when you sign a player for Arsenal on FIFA and they play that animation of them in your kit kind of surreal.


I was looking at a list of our squad players and still can’t get used to seeing the names of Mkhitayran and Aubameyang on it.


When I saw this thread title in the latest posts I thought that it’s pretty surreal having him here and was about to say as much lol


@AbouCuellar name change needed

AubaCuellar much better