Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Make that two goals :wenger2:





Need both the arms too pls




ffs Auba why do you miss such easy sitters :joy:


@Bl1nk while you’re at it I’d like a full length emoji of the Latvian official awkwardly stood there looking bemused.


what did your last slave die off @JakeyBoy


People have been on his back but he’s come up trumps tonight.



Was a beast with his dribbling today

but what the fuck Auba…tap ins are your thing


Can’t fault him today. MotM by miles with 2 goals and a fantastic assist. Hopefully he is gonna finish the season strongly.


Maybe Laca could actually score those tap ins. Issue is he is never in a good position because he’s not an elite striker with elite movement like Auba, so guess it’s a moot point.


His movement in the 6 yard box is top class. Service into him was top drawer too tonight.


Exactly. Auba is like Cavani.

And I love Cavani even though he drives me nuts at times.

And I love Auba.

We need to create as much as possible for this guy, so it becomes a case of, ‘he missed that one, but he’ll score one of the next couple’


Absolutely agree. You can’t be too angry with a striker who scores plenty and misses plenty when they’re the type that gets into position to get the chances in the first place.


The thing is, not many strikers will always find themselves in that positions. His off the ball movement is his strenght. Even when he misses, cause shit will always happens, is because he put himself in that position. If he scored every chance he gets we’re talking about the best striker ever.


Imagine what his goal tally would be like if he just scored more of the simplest chances.

Still a class act and his movement is supreme.


For all the criticism he’s received from his own fans this year and he might score 30 goals for the season :joy::thinking:


We can say that he misses too much and should be more clinical, which is true. But again, him getting on so many goalscoring chances is his strongest attribute. He works hard for the team too, to cover some of his obvious flaws.


Tbh an elite striker would have had 5 or 6 today. He misses too many sitters. Anyone could have scored those tap-ins.

Was more impressed with the assist.


Gotta be the biggest waster in the world right now. Natural for a striker to score some, miss some but his numbers would be crazy if he at least converted a fourth of what he missed.