Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Sly dig? lol


Not the best of the performances from Auba. Seemed confused, not sure if he couldn’t get in the game or was conserving energy for Rennes.
Anyway, good thing he scored that penalty. Need that confidence.


Not all lol, he’s prolific against teams outside the top 6


Not if you have the technique if your gonna place it at least put some power on it. He just taps it


It was so nice to see Auba’s redemption from the spot :heart:


Tell you what tho, appreciate the cojones he has to put himself on the spot to rectify last week and clear the demons


When I realised he is shooting it in the exact same spot he missed the one vs. scum I nearly choked on my own rage before the ball had crossed the line :rofl:


De Gea’s penalty save record is shit so they could have got me to take it and we’d probably still have scored.


Shhhh don’t ruin the moment :laughing:


Fair play to him for taking it again, but he was lucky this time. Need to work on it.


He’s nowhere near as good at pens as Laca. But glad he got it

He was pretty shit today. Couldn’t hold up the ball, couldn’t dribble, couldn’t really offer himself as an outlet. Aside from the pen his best contribution was fouling Pogba


Image if only he could finish well.


Interesting Graphic, where did you find this Luca?





Yeah wasn’t a super penalty and I admit at the time I wanted Lacazette to take it, but I think Aubameyang did play some part in DDG guessing the wrong way.


Another blah game from him tbh, but glad he took the pen because every other top scorer in the league gets the benefit of padding those goal scoring stats with penos. Also it looks like Auba’s skill is making the keeper go the wrong way and slotting it the opposite side. That in itself is a skill. Not necessarily the most conventional way, but it has worked for him more oft than not.


Fair play for admitting it but care to elaborate on this a bit? It’s almost like you had to quickly get it out the way and move onto as many positives as possible lol


No games v big 6 after this. Golden boot coming :auba:


That emoji fits perfectly with that comment haha


Goal and assist. On course for his first OA MOTM?!