Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Auba creates so many chances because he’s a wc forward. Sure he misses some like all strikers do, but his talent lies in creating a boat load of opportunities.


i would agree, but at the same time a wc striker should be scoring those that he has missed a WC striker 9 times out of 10 would be burying 3/4 of those chances he fucked because they were easy goalscoring opportunities. I couldnt see someone like Villa, Aguero or Henry missing so many 1 or 2 you could say oh it wasnt his day but his has missed shitloads and they are the sort of chances that in reality a very poor striker would have buried even. So i dont know what to feel about him.


U can say that Aguero would be finishing those sure, but Auba is superior to Aguero at making those chances happen. Aguero doesn’t make shit happen like Auba does and he’s only got one more goal atm.

Oh and also it’s been pointed out, Agueros goals have amounted to 6 points for City, whereas without Auba we are 14 points shittier and mid table quite literally.


but what is the point of creating all of those opportunties as a striker and then doing fuck all with them, a striker is meant to be putting those away. If it was iwobi people would be saying his is average and he creates a lot of chances for his teammates and himself but always fucks the shot or the final delivery.


Kinda dumb to say considering Auba is 3rd most goals scored atm, it’s nothing like Iwobi my dood. I mean honestly is this real life? He creates a shit ton and also scores a shit ton. 99 league goals in 4 seasons is world class.


I’d suggest the point is, Aubameyang is still likely to score 20 + league goals which only 3 or 4 players do every season.


If a world class striker was scoring all their easier chances then every world class striker would end the season on 40+ league goals.

I mean it’s not like Auba is just being made to look good by the greatest creative force in the league. Another striker wouldn’t magically have 30 goals right now in this team.

All strikers miss, sometimes terribly but the good ones always bounce back and so will our boy.


Could lead the top scorer table with more than 20 goals FFS!


no i dont mean that i am comparing the 2 i just mean that a lot of people view iwobi as average even though he has produced a lot of chances for the team but people feel that until he gets the last bits done right he will never reach the heights of being a decent player.

Now i am not saying auba is average he plainly isnt but at the same time how can someone be touted as WC when he has glaring defiencies in their game as a WC striker you expect them to be scoring those type of goals most of the time with maybe a few misses but he fluffs them so often. Is he WC i feel he has world class tendencies and can be unplayable at times and lethal at times but WC players do it most of the time if not pretty much all of the time but he just doesnt…if he could put those chances away i would be feeling he is WC but he just falls short of it because of this because i feel his misses are just far too often and also at a time when you need him the most he chokes…wc players are to be relied upon they get shit done when your back is to the wall he fades.


It’s a fallacy that all world class strikers are clinical. Most strikers are converting 13-20% of their shots that’s roughly 1 in every 5-8 shots.

In other words - strikers miss chances and a lot of them too. They just make plenty of chances for themselves with world class movement and positioning.


you have a point, i dunno what to think of him really i can see what he does and you think wooow but some of the stuff he does i just cannot explain how someone so talented can do that poorly. It feels he is lacking something that top class strikers have whether it is motivation or killer instinct or what but to me he is sorta just n the cusp of WC but just doesnt seem to be taking that last step. Its like everyone knows he can do it and he will be so fucking lethal but it just doesnt happen. Apparently like it at dortmund too just soooo frustrating and inconsistent one day he will wow you and the next day lets you down so so badly the swings with this guy are so so massive.


Another shit penalty from him. Lucky lucky boy


Just glad he stepped up and scored. Only thing you can do. Move on.


Had the balls to step up and buried it.

Hopefully gives him some confidence and his form returns for our run in, we’re going to need him no doubt about it.


I do not feel confident with him on pens. Just happy De Gea went the wrong way


I hate his fucking penalty style. Just boot it top bins


@Calum is right too
I’m glad for him that it worked out this time but long term give it laca


Yeah facing alot of teams in the bottom half, we’re going to need his goals


Too much risk of it going over the bar.


Apparently he waited for De Gea to go one way and then kicked it down the middle :roll_eyes: