Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


There are no world class players in this squad. Just aging players living off the fumes of past glory


Lol neither of them are world class.


We don’t have a bona fide world class player. Auba imo is the closest we have because of his goal scoring record over the past few years, but nobody else.

Özil was world class up until about 18 - 24 months ago, but he hasn’t been at the required level consistently enough since then.

The most recent player of that quality we have had is Sanchez, and he started falling off in his last season with us.


If Ramsey is world class then I can only assume the bar has been lowered to ground level.

He hasn’t been a first team regular for us under Wenger or Emery, so if he can’t get a place in the worst team we’ve had since we’ve been at the Emirates then he is nowhere near.

Ozil and Aubameyang are the nearest thing we have to that level of player but only when they are on form, which they haven’t been recently.

Any talk of selling Aubameyang, shows that the supporters have the same limited ambition as our owner.


So Auba isn’t WC now? Even Ronaldo was missing for damn near half a season at Real.

How many strikers in the world have superior goal scoring records over the past say five years?

Some are always focused on, "what have you done for me lately? ".


Aubameyang can be world class, and he and Ozil are the nearest thing we have to that quality of player, but their recent form isn’t at that level, although I’m sure it will be soon.


Is Lukaku World class?


Auba is world class and I don’t really think there’s much of a debate to be had there. The man has 95 goals in his last 119 league appearances that’s 4 years of having an elite goalscoring record.




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Agree - and if he isn’t world class, then that tier is really, really thin… and he is firmly in that second tier, which is still damn good. I’d say he and Laca are both in that second tier, as I just can’t put them in the Messi (and maybe Aguero, a few others) category… of course, Messi may be in a category unto himself.

I’d rather keep Auba and Laca intact and build around them, although I wouldn’t be against selling one of them for 90-100 million… but I think selling one for 50 is counter-productive since we really don’t have a young up and comer we can trust at striker or even wide goal-scorer. If we had WC wide player that chipped in goals and/or Nketiah looked like a top player in the making, it would be fine.


Yes, we are unbalanced.
If we sell our best players and get some better CB or whatever we need, yes, we may be balanced at that time, but we are balanced in just an average way.
Every player is average…no really good one(s).
Is that what you want to see?


Aubameyang for me is a very good striker but not world class as he misses too many sitters.


WC for what they offer to us. Auba and Ozil can be great, but they basically offer nothing these days.


I found it immensely frustrating that he had two moments in that game where he just couldn’t control the ball with some space and time to do so. Would have killed Walcott for that. But agree with the sentiment that he deserves the benefit of the doubt at least.


I mean yeah Aubameyang scores a shit ton of goals but I don’t find his football to be of a world class standard.

Salah last season was dribbling defenders to their butts, finding teammates and scoring regular goals.
That is a world class contribution.

Auba just feels like a polished Walcott.


Auba is a world class striker as in he scores at rates only matched or bettered by the elite strikers in the game.

As for general play and dribbling, that’s great to have but just because he doesn’t have that to his game doesn’t mean he’s not world class.

In mid January Auba’s league goals at that point (14) had won us 12 points, he was top in points won by goals and Salah didn’t even make top five on the list. In fact at that point across last season and this one Auba had 24 league goals which resulted in 16 points won and Salah had 26 league goals that only resulted in 8 points won. Auba’s goals were more valuable, that defines world class contribution.

Let’s keep it real, he has been great for us and his contribution is top class too.


How many strikers have a better scoring rate than Aubameyang in the last 5 seasons ? He’s a world class goalscorer if nothing else…


can score some class goals for sure, i just cant fathom how he can score the goal he did against the dirty spuds but fucks a chance from 3 yards. It sucks so fucking bad how he has missed so many easy opportunities of which if he did score we would be far better off points wise than we are. His numbers would be top of the league easily if he doesnt miss absolute sitters i dont know how the fuck he manages it and it is annoying as hell.


I agree it’s frustrating mate, no arguments there, still fucking spewing about the last minute penalty in the derby…