Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


He was good then he’s been a fraud the last few games. What’s hard to understand?

I knew when I seen it was you who quoted me it would just be some old post you quoted to get some cheap likes… :thinking:

He can get back to that form but for now he is Fraudbameyang with that NLD horror show and tonight.

You got your likes so I’m sure you’re happy :+1:


Feed him to the pigs


But I thought you were all about the bantz mate :gunnersaurus: Maybe stop telling people what they can and can’t do, eh? Lighten up.


“About as effective as an ashtray on a motorbike”



I am but this is shanter. People’s mood about a player can change throughout a season. I don’t quote old posts when I have banter with Luca if that’s what your implying


I love it when someone rattles you and you get all bitchy.


There is nothing wrong with calling him the best striker in the league when he is and a fraud when he is currently a fraud lol


Going on a poor run of form really doesn’t make a player of Aubameyang’s quality a fraud.


Fact remains only Salah has scored more goals since his debut than Auba. But yeee we don’t need him we should move him on and go back to having strikers who can score 1 in 4 for us, that’s the way forward! :joy::joy::joy:


Obviously people calling him fraud or whatever, don’t really have that strong of an opinion about him. It’s just frustration


I’m still super pissed about that penalty haha gonna take a while to forgive him


He needs a goal or something to put to bed what has been an awful few games.


We’ll banter Rennes in the second leg and go through just watch 2-0 deficit can be easily overturned by us :heart::facepunch:t5:


Players miss penalties sometimes, he doesn’t need your forgiveness for it. Just get over it already.


Unless they’re playing Arsenal, then they don’t miss penalties :wink:


Make me :kissing_heart:


We have an unbalanced team. 2/3 great players and the rest is average or crap. We need to balance that by even selling some of our best players.


I get your point but we’re not that unbalanced and we don’t have just 2/3 great players supplemented by average or crap players.
Team as is good enough to challenge for anything other than Top 2 in the PL, domestic cups and EL.


Laca and Ramsey are our 2 only WC players. Auba is a bit overrated and Ozil is a big question mark, instead. The rest is maybe good or crap.


Ramsey and Ozil are WC. Holding, Douzi and Torreira are great up-and-comers. Iwobi could join them if he keeps his recent development. Leno, Bellerin, Sokratis, Koscielny, Monreal, Laca and Auba are really good too, can be fantastic on their day. Add Welbeck there in the rare occasion he’s fit.
The rest maybe are average(not completely useless but lack in important aspects).
Not a bad squad by any means.