Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Was he playing? :eyes:

Waste of time signing him he just constantly bottles.


Yeah shocking performance, although he was clean through on goal once and wrongly flagged for offside.


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You are not allowed to comment on the game for 30 mins as you know. Calm down.


i honestly dont mind if this guy gets sold to bring in funds, he just cant do it when it matters he can barely score tap ins now he cant take a penalty he just fucks about trying to be cool and it translates onto the pitch as he is showy but does nothing of consequence tired of his shit.




Lacazette >>>>


65M for this guy was it? :eyes:


He’s in a slump, I just feel sorry for the guy cos he’s obviously better than this. But it seems that other people are properly angry and cussing him out lol

For the most part he’s been a consistent scorer for us since signing just over a year ago. Obviously he’s playing badly but some of you need to give him a fucking break, he deserves a bit of support


I said this to my mates today, I agree. Some of the reaction from fans (not necessarily everyone on here) is ridiculous


Fans have the right to be pissed with this guy, it’s disappointing paying big money for a world class striker who doesn’t come up with the goals in the big moments


He’s got to do something big to make up for that penalty


Aubameyang’s more than earned the right to play his way through his current slump. For me, effectively undroppable. I don’t like our other options as much


Should sell him in the summer and keep Laca who is the better all-round player.


I just think it’s ridiculous we can suddenly be so anti-auba after one week. Yes he fucked up, yes he’s had a terrible game today too. Get behind him before you knock him.

My opinion anyway


Lol typical Arsenal fanatics. This is a perfect example why this club is such a laughing stock. The man has been on a historic goal scoring clip for this club. He has a couple bad games and he’s the scapegoat :joy::joy: one of the best and pure goal scorers in the world is banging them in for Arsenal, but he’s taken for granted. Honestly Auba is too good for our club imo. We should be stuck with only 1 striker who scores like 1 in 4 like Giroud or Lacazette.


I will agree with you on the Aubameyang situation regarding the Arsenal fanatics, yes he’s been poor for a couple of months but the way people are carrying on at this stage is laughable.


Make up your mind, eh @Calum :wenger2:


We should sell him for around 40/50 mil in the summer along with Ozil so we could get a decent winger and a CB.


Yes, we can sell him for 40/50m, but then we need to spend more to get someone who maybe on Auba’s level… or maybe we got a worse flop. What’s the point??