Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Raul Sanllehi was hired from barca and given the title “Head of Football Relations.” Not sure if that’s what he means but he and Sven have shaken things up a bit it would seem. Altough he officially started today I read that he was working behind the scenes on our transfers.


Yeah Raul Sanllehi. It’s pretty clear the difference him and Sven are having on our club.

The summer will be very interesting indeed.





They could have at least picked a photo in which it actually looks like he’s wearing red and white lol


Canterbury doing football kits!? How odd



They made Portsmouth’s kits aswell during their peak era in the PL hah


And to think Milan got rid of him because they thought he was bang average :rofl:


A bit like Juve and Thierry :slight_smile:


Yep :smile:. Thanks Milan!


Imagine if he totally flops for us




Yeah shut it you Danish Biscuit Wood Dildo.


I can almost guarantee that insult has never been used before.

I can see it catching on.


Cant wait to hear this on the stands



“We used to have Ian Wright, now we’re just a little bit shite” :rofl:

Our fans are something else!



He does love to score against the scums, doesn’t he? :kos2:


If u use thier first names you could do


PHAM :joy::joy: anyone with adobe skills that’s willing to make that?? @Electrifying ??


all i got is microsoft paint skills :arteta:

Speaking of which, just tried paint 3d and it’s awesome!


@Bl1nk you know what to do! :mkhi: