Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Robin van Cunt?


Shouldn’t be on pens with Laca on the pitch tbh.

Laca is the superior pen taker, no idea how Auba is first up on pens.


Yeah I think Laca should take pens ahead of him.

Still, he’s a class striker. I’m absolutely gutted he missed it but hopefully it will be behind him come next week


I love you Auba, but I’m still gutted about that miss. What’s frustrating is it’s going to be a penalty miss that’s talked about for such a long time, given the significance of when it happened, who against, the situation of the game and the table.


I suppose it was more than that, Feche.

It was the gravity of the game. It was the fact that these have a habit and history of scoring last minute goals against us (Keane, Poyet, Jenas, Lennon). It was our chance for redemption. It was our chance to close the gap in a game in which we’d played better and overcome the injustice of a poor officiating decision to grant them an equaliser. It was our chance to open up a gap on the challengers for 4th (which could have had a psychological effect on Man United and Chelsea)

Up steps our 65mil striker to make all the wrongs right. He missed. I just cant be so laissez-fairre about it


Lacazette has scored many goals against the big teams this season, tbh.


It’s annoying, and it’s all the idiot’s fault.

Salah missed a pen in some game earlier on in the season and Liverpool won the game so there was little discussion around it.

Because the defence still got them the 1-0. However our great defenders put pressure on the attackers to bail us out every game and sometimes it doesn’t work.

And so I’m not going to be too mad at them.


4 goals and 2 of those were in the first NLD that Auba also scored 2 in. That’s a lot?


Not bad for our second choice striker though.


Shame on me to responding to another shitty troll job of yours, but piss off. Laca’s had a good season thus far.


The penalty miss reminded me of Bergkamp’s. I’ve been gutted all day. Won’t be able to shrug this off for a while…


This isn’t strictly true. I remember Suarez rarely scored in big games for Liverpool


There is no way Suarez would take such a tame penalty in the last minute in a big game, either


Auba you prick why didn’t you boot it like Rashford did instead of your pussy tap :sob:


Rashford certainly reopened old wounds with how well he took that pen lol




“He is the closest thing to Thierry Henry that I have seen since he left the club, he really is that good.” - Keown

Needs to pinned. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


people saying that he is our jamie vardy…i think i would rather jamie vardy most of the times i have to admit the chances this prick has had jamie vardy would be on 25 goals by now.


auba not happy at being subbed…well play like a useful player then and you wouldnt be.


0/10 :gabriel: