Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Must score on thursday to redeem himself now.


I had Pogba as captain and he got -2 points.
I’m going to get Mkhitayran in instead.


Arsenal fanatics are right there with lolpool as the most ignorant fans in the world. Without Auba’s goals this season we’d be way down the table, and sorry to say Laca wouldn’t be picking up the slack.


I’ve had a mare on FPL this week. Had 3 players who finished on minute points, including Pogba. None of them were my captain though fortunately.


You score the last second penalty you are the hero and take the glory., and if you miss it you are the cunt.
The is life.
Hope he will bounce back soon.


You do realize that a lot of Laca’s goals this season have been game winning ones right?

We’ve needed both of them to help us, and without either we’d be struggling much more.


You do realize that Auba’s goals have been direct point winners, to the tune of more than any other player in the league?


Did you even read what I said? I didn’t disparage Auba at all, I said we’ve needed both of them at certain points this season. His contribution has been hugely important, but so has Laca’s. It makes no sense to keep bashing the latter.


No reason to make this a big deal. Auba and Laca are great strikers and it’s cool to have them both. Could be argued that they make it in the Top 10 in the world.
It’s just ridiculous putting them in the same category as Kane or Aguero though. Different animals those guys. Keown comparing Auba to Henry was even more insulting.


I think we can all agree that, based on today’s performance, neither of these boys are world class.

Big strikers turn up in big games


Big strikers also put in poor performances in big games.

Shit happens.


Shit shouldnt happen all the time, Darkseid, and its happening a lot with these two


Auba has 2 goals in 9 games against the top 6 this season, that’s quite a concerning record. Think Laca should get the nod against United tbh, better piece in big matches for us


They have turned up in big games though? Laca especially. And I don’t think there’s an official world-class distinction.


Laca has turned up in a lot of big games for us. This is just recency bias


Laca is shit sell him.


Exactly. If you say what you feel bluntly, I won’t have a problem with it :slight_smile:




Neither of them are shit but theyre both very frustrating strikers.

Theyre more Wiltord and Kanu than Henry/Bergkamp/RvC


Support your players, for once. Anyone can miss a penalty. It’s not so bad. All that talk about class and for what? Of course it hurts, but he’ll score the next time.