Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


That’s fair enough.

It’s lazy in the sense that in any game of football there is going to a number of questionable and incorrect decisions in each game and throughout the season any set of fans can latch on to as a reason for dropping points, it just the nature of the game of football.

In the context of this match, it’s hard for me to put 100% or even a large proportion of blame on the officials when we had at the very least two clear goal scoring opportunities to put spurs to bed.

Sure Arsenal fans have some right to feel aggrieved but that feeling has to be offset by the fact that if Laca scores his second chance we go 2 nil up and the game turns out different or if our top scorer takes a proper pen in extra time to win it.

I just feel more blame should be put on things you can directly control, like taking your chances in spite of poor ref decisions. I’m pissed we lost out on all 3 points but I don’t feel a sense of injustice about the decisions.

I don’t think that contrarian tbh


I cant further justify the sense in which it was contrarian after my last post, but otherwise I do totally see your point and agree to an extent. As you said, fair enough :+1:


In defense of Auba we probably don’t need that pen at the end of the match if we had started the striker who has more goals than anyone except Salah since his debut, but why would we do that?




Because Laccashit gives us good hold up play :joy::joy::joy:


Cause Laca works harder. Simple As. Right decision by Emery, Auba doesn’t hold the ball up or bring others into play. Anyone questioning that decision needs a slap really.


Snap, another Laca v Auba argument. :joy::wink:


If that’s what we’re looking for out of our strikers, as opposed to actually scoring goals, then we shoulda just kept Giroud. I find these arguments truly hilarious because this is the exact shit Giroud defenders would trot out when the guy would miss a bunch of good chances but, he sure did bring others into the play!! :joy::joy::joy:


This is true and it was the right decision to start him but when Giroud was in the side doing the same thing this people only judged him by his goal output


Not the 1st time Aubameyang goes missing in a big game, remember all those chances he missed in the Chelsea game at the start?


I’m just mystified by the decision to lazily slot it to one side. If you’re going to put it the same side you did against this keeper before, atleast put it high or apply some power. Fucking hell.


Big Olly G would’ve scored that penalty :giroud3:

Very unfortunate miss. I don’t want to berate Auba too hard as he’s won us plenty of points this season, but as others have mentioned, big game players will step up to the plate in pressure moments like that and unfortunately he blew it. Would’ve been one thing if it was a case of good penalty matched by a good save, but it was a pretty tame penalty kick, Lloris didn’t have to work too hard to save it.

He’ll have to redeem himself fast. Every point will matter so much between now and May.


They both had terrible games, but they’re allowed a few every so often.

Make for it and gub United lads pls


His previous penalty was exactly the same, very tame but the keeper just went the wrong way.


I agree, bag a brace next week and all is forgiven (for me anyway haha)


I honestly wouldn’t care if auba doesn’t score against Rennes, but against utd that’s a completelty different case, both he and laca should deliver the goods in that one.


Auba M8 hit your next pen like this son, the premier way


Cant believe he missed that.

I’m sure he feels terrible and I’m also sure that he’ll bounce back in a big way soon.


I hate to say it of such a top player, but I looked at his face when that penalty was awarded and as be stood there ready to take it, and he wanted no part in that moment. The pressure got to him there.


It happens. Important he just smashes it next time. Forget and move on.